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Something You Should Know about E-Cigarettes

Now, the many smokers who choose to smoke e-cigarettes as a substitute for regular cigarettes are increasing in direct proportion because of the advantages of specific fragrances. As a new product, it is still important for some users or those who want to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes to learn some common sense about e-cigarettes and how it differs from cigarettes. In this blog, we’ll discuss something you should know about e-cigarettes.

Some Tips about E-Cigarettes Which You Should Know

Definition of E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes are electronic devices by means such as atomization, turning nicotine-containing tobacco tar into vapors. Excepting that it may contain nicotine, it is a completely different category from cigarettes, in which e-cigarettes smoke tobacco tar and exhale fog. What’s more, e-liquids are made up of three main substances: nicotine, flavors and perfume, and PG/VG. FDA defines PG as “generally safe for humans”; VG (vegetable glycerin or glycerol), like PG, is also widely used in our daily life; And, flavors and perfumes generally adopt food standards, and have no harmful ingredients on the human body.

Influences of E-Cigarettes on People

E-cigarettes use physical atomization technology, so new substances or hazards aren’t created. Mainly speaking, the highest temperature of the standard e-cigarette equipment is 300~400℃, and the temperature of the organic cracking reaction needs to reach 700~800℃. According to this research, the compliant e-cigarette equipment will not be happening cracking reactions will produce harmful substances. Please remember that it is only standard e-cigarettes that can bring safety, do not try some non-brand products. Some so many legitimate manufacturers are famous for their brands and products, such as RELX, whose subordinate product pads vape is well-received.

Difference of E-Cigarettes and Cigarettes

E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes have been a topic of debate over the years. With the introduction of pod systems, the differences between the two have become even more significant. While traditional cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, e-cigarettes utilize e-juice, which is available in various flavors and nicotine concentrations. E-cigarettes also offer users the chance to control their nicotine intake, something that is not possible with traditional cigarettes. Moreover, pods have provided an even more convenient and user-friendly option for e-cigarette users. With their stylish design and a wide array of flavors, pods have become increasingly popular amongst vapers. These differences highlight the benefits of e-cigarettes when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Formation of Second-hand and Third-hand Smoke

Cigarettes produce smoke, like solid burning into gas, whereas e-cigarettes produce steam which is liquid turning into gas in terms of how it works. So, the smoke tends to linger in the air, on skin, clothing, and furniture, conversely, the vapors of e-cigarettes are easily dissipated in the air, leaving no residue. In terms of flavor, e-cigarette liquids basically mimic the flavors of fruit, mint, cream, etc., and do not produce an unpleasant smoke odor. It means that e-cigarettes won’t form second-hand or third-hand, also means it’s harmless for your family, friends, or someone you cherish. But we also need to observe etiquette in public places.

About Quitting Smoking

If you’re struggling to figure out how to quit smoking, or stop repeating smoking, why not start with e-cigarettes? Science has shown that it is nicotine, no tar or carbon monoxide, which are the most dangerous substances in cigarettes, that are truly addictive to smokers. Many people rely on “perseverance” to quit smoking but always fail by the discomfort caused by the sudden withdrawal of nicotine, which makes them want to relapse. It is easier to switch from traditional paper cigarettes to e-cigarettes without having to endure discomfort after quitting smoking. Therefore, many people unconsciously reduce the frequency of smoking cigarettes.


Above are some tips we should mention, hoping can help you and some smokers or newbies know more about e-cigarettes, the newly-rising cigarettes, and, you will be able to choose an e-cigarette of your choice shortly, then finally reduce the frequency and stay health. Thanks for reading this blog!