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Songtsam and Land Rover Partner to Promote Two Brand New Self Driving Off the Beaten Path Adventures in Tibet & Yunnan Provinces of China

Songtsam, an award-winning luxury Boutique Hotel Collection and Destination Management Company, located in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China, recently introduced two, new self-driving adventure experiences in Land Rover’s Defender. The two all-terrain routes, Kawagebo Peak Route in Yunnan and the Southeast Tibet Route are 5 nights/6 days and provide exclusive off the beaten track adventures guided by professional Land Rover Guardian Defender drivers. 

Songtsam guests will be able to drive the world renowned Defender, the leader in luxury, off-road capable vehicles. Each one, equipped with the most advanced all-terrain driving technology, which is included in the latest models of the Land Rover Defender. 

Tour Highlights: 

  • Two routes in Yunnan and Tibet, all-terrain experience available
  • On-the-spot training by senior Land Rover instructors to provide in-depth understanding of off-road knowledge
  • Guardian Defender brand experts lead the team to escort
  • Equipped with professional fleet configurations such as security vehicles, walkie-talkies and satellite phones
  • Songtsam’s professional drivers will accompany the team throughout the entire journey and will replace the driver when necessary
  • Professional photographers will follow you throughout the journey to record the wonderful moments of the journey
  • Stay at the luxury Songtsam Hotels throughout the entire journey, a one-stop travel experience
  • Exclusive services and customized certificates presented at a ceremony

Kawagebo Peak Route

Trip duration: 5 nights/6 days
Driving mileage: about 280 miles (Approx. 450 kilometers) 
Highlights of off-road experience: Shangri-La Geza Ranch, Deqingonka Lake

The journey from Shangri-La to Meili Snow Mountain covers the diverse landscapes of the Hengduan Mountains, spanning from Yunnan’s highest point, Kawagebo Peak (22,113 ft. or approx. 6,740 meters), to the Lancang River Valley (altitude below 6562 ft. or approx. 2,000 meters). This 3.1 mile (approx. 5,000 meter) elevation difference shapes varied terrains, including snow-capped mountains, glaciers, meadows, forests, and hot dry valleys. The cross-country drive offers an upgraded off-road experience, navigating through Gezan Ranch’s winding paths used by the local Yunnan people.

Southeast Tibet Route

Trip duration: 5 nights/ 6 days
Driving mileage: about 249 miles (Approx. 400 kilometers)
Highlights of off-road experience: Basong Cuoza Lagou, Nanfeng Base Camp

The dynamic landscape of southeastern Tibet, shaped by towering mountains, rushing rivers, and flourishing nature, forms a distinctive and unparalleled scenery ideal for off-road enthusiasts, even in the winter months. Guests can drive themselves to Zala Valley deep in Basong Tso. The valley is lined with snow-capped mountains and dense forests, as the runoff from the snow-capped mountains creates lush pastures beneath it. 

Songtsam Land Rover’s Defender 

Songtsam and Land Rover’s Defender have been long term partners and in 2021 the Defender was named the designated vehicle for the Songtsam Group’s travel routes. In the past two years, dozens of Songtsam’s guides have traveled on the Yunnan-Tibet line where Songtsam properties are located, exploring challenging terrains and environments, yet with the confidence that the Defender ensures the safety of Songtsam’s guests.