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5 Tips to Maximise the Time You Spend Travelling the World

Many of us dream of travelling the world; it’s an experience that gives us the chance to explore new cultures, taste exquisite cuisines, and meet interesting people.

However, when you have other responsibilities and commitments in your life, making the most of your travel time requires careful planning.

So if you want to have more opportunities to see the world and maximise your travel experience, here are just five fantastic tips to help you get started.

1. Take Up Freelance Work

One of the things that could be stopping you from travelling as much as you would like is your career. If you have a full-time job that requires you to be on site from 9-5, you might struggle to make the most of your vacation days.

However, more and more skills can be taken freelance. And while it can take time to build yourself up as a trusted freelancer with a regular client base, you might find that the nomadic freelance lifestyle works best for you.

With platforms such as Freelancer, you can advertise your skill set and connect with new clients, allowing you to earn a steady income on the go.

2. Learn As You Go

Similarly, with the rise of remote learning, students no longer need to make the choice between carrying on with their education and taking a gap year. With online learning, you can take your studies with you while you travel.

Expert online education providers, such as Signum Magnum College, offer a wide selection of courses that can give you a top notch education that will help to kick start your career when you return to your everyday life.

Just make sure that you plan your travel to ensure that you have regular internet access as you’ll need to submit your work!

3. Plan Efficiently but Leave Room for Flexibility

Efficient planning is key to maximising your travel time, so research ahead of time to prioritise what you want to experience the most.

Of course, while planning ahead is important, you should also remain flexible, and open to unexpected opportunities that may arise. Plus, a flexible mindset can also help you to cope better with any travel delays or weather changes that you might face.

4. Travel Light and Smart

A great way to maximise your travel time is to pack light, as a heavy suitcase can slow you down and make moving between different destinations more of a challenge.

Rather than a suitcase, opt for a durable, carry-on-sized alternative that allows you to move quickly and efficiently.

By packing light and smart you’ll be able to reduce the time that you spend dealing with baggage and waiting around at the airport.

5. Embrace Technology

By embracing technology to plan your travel, you can significantly enhance your travel, make the most of your time, and find better deals that will allow you to travel more frequently.

Travel apps, like Skyscanner, make it easier for you to find the best deals and therefore tick more destinations off your bucket list. By making the most of last minute deals, you can squeeze affordable city breaks into your weekends.

Have you found ways to maximise your travel? Share your tips in the comments below!