Home Adventure Summer in Slovenia: From Bears Amidst the Forest to Stunning Subterranean Caves

Summer in Slovenia: From Bears Amidst the Forest to Stunning Subterranean Caves

With a population of just 2,068,000 people Slovenia emerges as a green and boutique destination perfect for those who appreciate nature, well-being, and exceptional gastronomy. This European country’s compact size ensures that visitors can easily explore its diverse offerings through day trips. Spring and summer unveil an ideal backdrop for outdoor escapades in the heart of nature. Whether choosing a tent, motorhome, glamping, or spa thermal resort, Slovenia promises pristine air, starlit skies, and picturesque landscapes waiting to be explored.

Here are 3 wonderful experiences to immerse yourself in the nature and tranquility of Slovenia this summer:

Follow the Footsteps of Bears in their Natural Habitat

Just 60 km from Ljubljana – the capital city of Slovenia, lies the enigmatic forests of Kočevje, housing the largest brown bear population and the highest concentration of primeval forest remnants in Europe. Here, you can witness three majestic predators—bears, wolves, and lynxes—in their native environment.

Learn the skills of picking edible plants and reward yourself with a lunch set against the backdrop of a primeval forest. Venture into the Bear’s Den within the formerly restricted Kočevska Reka territory, gaining insights into the intimate habits of the world’s second-largest terrestrial predator. Conclude your adventure by testing your patience at a forest observatory; who knows, you might have a personal encounter with a bear. The entire journey adheres to principles of sustainable tourism, ensuring minimal environmental impact, particularly on the local wildlife.

Find Peace on the Plateau of Velika Planina and Discover its Pastoral Tradition and Gastronomy

Velika Planina, one of the most well-preserved pastoral plateaus in Europe, is located just 50 km from Ljubljana.

In Velika Planina you can experience the idyllic charm of pastoral life through a two-day cultural and culinary adventure and stay in traditional huts converted into modern accommodation facilities. You will learn about the typical day of a shepherd on the plateau, try your hand at milking a cow and making trnič, the famous “cheese of love” from Velika Planina.

In the evening, a unique surprise awaits you in the comfort of boutique shepherd huts – a private dinner prepared by a top-level local chef who will craft for you a culinary experience combining the traditional flavors of Velika Planina with modern creativity.

Explore the Depths of Another World: The Subterranean Wonders of Škocjan Caves

Embark on a journey into one of the earth’s hidden marvels, unveiling a spectacle of unparalleled natural wonders. Peer into the depths of the world’s largest and deepest underground canyon, a realm that offers a rare and extraordinary glimpse into our planet’s secrets. This place is located in the classical Karst and it is a real open-air natural museum. Navigate through a labyrinth of underground galleries, where awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites transform the subterranean landscape into an otherworldly dimension. Among these geological marvels stands the Giant (Orjak), a colossal stalagmite, commanding attention as one of the largest stalagmites in the cave system. Venturing from the enchanting Silent Cave (Tiha jama), the trail leads you to the Murmuring Cave (Šumeča jama), where the Reka River welcomes you into one of Europe’s most expansive underground canyons. The sheer magnitude of the canyon, the reverberating echoes of the roaring Reka, and the mesmerizing crossing of the renowned Cerkvenik bridge above the riverbed create an unforgettable experience, leaving every visitor in absolute awe.