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The absolute essentials of van life

The idea of the “van life”, that is, living full time in a van, is gaining popularity very fast according to Morning Lazziness. Even though it’s young people who make up the bulk of those embracing the van life, the idea has also started to appeal to people from all ages and all walks of life.

With frequent lockdowns, rising inflation, and housing crises in multiple countries, the van life proves a relatively affordable housing arrangement with lots more flexibility than normal houses. Even with this new type of housing, however, there are challenges, both old and new. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Safety is a big concern when it comes to living full-time in a van or even traveling in one for a while. A safe and secure neighborhood is one of the most important aspects that are considered while buying a house, and with the van life, one doesn’t always have the luxury of being in safe surroundings. It’s important to find a good spot to park your van for the night.

Some retail stores let you park in their parking lots overnight, though most people prefer to pay a small fee and park overnight in campgrounds or parks. Making sure that you have enough resources to last you the night when staying in a remote area is also very important. For example, ExpressVPN has a tech survival kit building guide, which explores the various ways in which people can pull together resources that will come in handy should an emergency strike. With advice on ways to protect important documents such as insurance details and medical information, as well as communicate efficiently with resources like satellite phones, this guide highlights the essential must-haves for those living in the digital era. 


Keeping all the necessary appliances handy is an essential part of van life. You will certainly not have as much space to work with, so proper organization of items and efficient use of space is key. Travellingtam has a guide on just the same. Your appliances should also be in proper working condition, and your food, water, and other important resources should be regularly restocked. Gas, obviously, should always be accounted for as it is likely the single most important resource in this lifestyle.

Hygiene is also a huge concern, so you should also have an adequate supply of cleaning products. If your van doesn’t have a shower, look for nearby campsites you can go to or maybe get a membership to a chain of gyms, so you’re likely to have access to showers and a place to work out.


Always being on the move makes it harder to feel like part of a community, something that happens almost automatically when living in an apartment complex or a suburb. It might be a good idea to keep one or two family members or friends informed of your whereabouts at all times. Try to stay in areas that have people you know around, or maybe crash in a friend’s driveway for a while. After all, flexibility is a big part of this lifestyle. Finding a group of like-minded van lifers to travel with at times could also be worth looking into.

The van life is a very flexible way of living, though it does sometimes come at the cost of the stability and structure that traditional housing provides. This lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but living the van life for a few days as a traveler could end up being time well-spent. It is, after all, an experience few other activities can provide.