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The Best Countries for Casino Tourism

Photo by Ameer Basheer

Casinos make for one of the most popular means of entertainment for people on a global level. These days, people pack their bags and travel to visit popular casinos, play games that aren’t available in their country, or simply to gamble because this is not legalized where they live.

Casino tourism is a very big industry. The allure of visiting a grand casino with various amenities including accommodation, entertainment, and dining facilities in addition to the extravagant gambling experience is hard to dismiss these days.

In addition to traveling to visit land-based casinos, many people these days travel to gamble online. Most online casinos are available in several limited countries and provinces. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best countries for casino tourism today.


Canada’s laws for gambling are tricky because they are set by the provinces, not the federal government. As such, you can have different experiences depending on the province where you’re based. The great thing is that online gambling is legal in this country, and it is the preferred option by many Canadians. Why is this, you wonder?

When players gamble online, they have access to more casinos and games, not to mention bonuses and other perks. People often travel to specific Canadian provinces to gain access to trending casino sites, therefore boosting the tourism of the area.

Canadians can enjoy the best quality of online gambling, too. They have a big choice of casinos in combination with grand bonuses and many banking methods. If you play in Canada, you can place your deposits with an electronic wallet or gamble at a pay by phone bill casino. This option is hardly available in many countries where gambling isn’t as popular as in Canada.

While land-based casinos are also very frequented and visited by tourists, both domestic and international, online casinos are the real trend in this country, especially since the pandemic.

In top-ranked casinos, players get access to the most attractive bonus offers, too. This is one of the biggest perks of gambling online – the bonuses for signing up, regular play, and VIP gamblers. Depending on where you gamble, you can now claim a match bonus of thousands of dollars with your first deposit or a 25 free spins no deposit bonus just by signing up!

The United States

The USA is one of the top destinations for casino fans. Be it Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or Reno, gambling enthusiasts are traveling from all parts of the world to gamble in the luxurious casino resorts in the US.

Even domestic gamblers travel within the US. Since not all states have regulated gambling, there are certain locations where you cannot access casino sites. In this case, players go to different states solely for the purpose of gambling, either in physical or online casinos.

Some states have bigger, more numerous, and more popular physical casinos. Some states are considered the most progressive in terms of internet wagering. Currently, 36 states have legalized online sports betting, while only 20 allow for playing casino games online.

The most popular states that domestic players visit to gamble online are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Delaware.

New Zealand

Another exciting country to visit with amazing casinos and tourist attractions is New Zealand. This country is fair about its gambling policies, and playing there gives you access to amazing technology combined with wonderful places to visit.

From sipping wine on a slot machine to trying your luck on the roulette tables, New Zealand is a great casino destination. The most popular cities to visit for this purpose are Auckland, Hamilton, and Dunedin.


Mainland China isn’t a gambling hub, but Macau, the special administrative region that falls under its jurisdiction, is a grand exception – and one of the most popular casino tourism destinations. People refer to it as the ‘Vegas of Asia’, and it certainly doesn’t fall short.

If you visit Macau, it will mesmerize you with its fancy games and bright lights, as well as titles you probably won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Some of the more popular land-based casinos in Macau include Grand Lisboa, MGM Cotai, and The Venetian Macao.


This list would never be complete without Monaco, one of the most renowned gambling hubs. Monaco is all for a classy casino experience, but it also has some low-wager casinos for those on a limited budget or with little experience.

People travel to Monaco to meet with rich and famous gamblers, try their luck at the popular poker tables, and visit the majestic casino resorts. The biggest and most popular complex in this country is Casino de Monte-Carlo, a destination with 108,000 square feet of gambling space!

Wrapping Up

In the past, gambling was reserved for the rich and the royalty. It wasn’t that long ago when gambling wasn’t legalized in most parts of the world, especially online casinos. Today, as it becomes more regulated and available, casino tourism has grown tremendously, too. Have you decided which country you’ll visit first for a great gambling experience?