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The Best Facial For Your Age

Skin care regimes change as you age, with time your skin soon requires more attention and moisture. This is why, when visiting a spa or dermatologist, you will find a range of different facials, usually designed for a variety of skin types. In this article from Lake District Spa, we will explore the types of facials available and what is best for each skin type and age group. 

Moisturising facials 

Hydration is an essential part of skin care. Providing your skin with moisture and nutrients allowing the skin to remain hydrated and refreshed, while also supporting the natural oil glands within the skin that slowly lose their ability to create oils on the face as we age. 

Moisturising facials are great for anyone of any age, but for those younger people in their 20’s who are perhaps less worried about their skin, a moisturising facial would be a good way to introduce some simple skin care into your routine. These facials are often very gentle on sensitive skin too. Booking a moisturising facial once per month is also a nice way to treat yourself and gain some much needed relaxation from what may be a busy and hectic lifestyle. 

Purifying facials 

As you enter your 30s you may start seeing signs of ageing. This could include the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around your eyes as this is such a sensitive and thin area of skin. Women in their 30s also experience another huge change in hormones which can result in blemishes and breakouts, often due to pregnancy, stress or menstruation. 

To help battle these changes within your skin, a purifying facial is a great choice. Look for facials that offer the use of natural exfoliants that can target a build up of excess oil, flaky and dry skin. By addressing these issues, creating a clean and clear base, you can then introduce hydrating skincare to target those early signs of ageing. 

Age-defying facials 

Despite how it may sound, and often how they are marketed, age-defying facials are not exclusively for older people. In fact, just about anyone could be considered ‘ageing’ and therefore these types of facials offer benefits to a wide number of people with varying types of skin. However, these are often super moisturising and may include some micro-exfoliation techniques to smooth the skin texture. If you are concerned that these types of facials may be irritating for your sensitive skin it is best to discuss this with your spa therapist or dermatologist first. Often depending on your skin type and ages, an age-defying facial can be altered and tailored to suit your specific concerns.