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The Best Places to go Fly Fishing in the United States

Fly fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States, and for good reason, too. With so many amazing places to catch some of the best fish on the planet, the United States is arguably one of the fly fishing capitals of the world. 

Photo by Timothy Eberly

Rock Creek

You can find the glorious Rock Creek in the beautiful mountains and landscapes of Montana. The river is rich in fish and runs for over 50 miles, and if you are a trout lover, you should get your rod, fishing pants, and tackle box to its edge right now.

Not only can you find rainbow and brown trout, but there are massive populations of cutthroat and bull trout. You can also find Rocky Mountain whitefish if you know where to look. Get to the river early, as the best fishing happens during the late morning. 

Bristol Bay

Out in the wilds of Alaska, you will find Bristol Bay. Not only is it one of the most beautiful and idyllic spots in the country, but fly fishers from around the US and the world make a trip to the area every year. 

Not only will you find a dense population of oversized Arctic grayling and rainbow trout, but you can also find some of the biggest, best-looking, and tastiest Pacific salmon on the planet. 

Blue River

Splitting off from the mighty Colorado River, the Blue River has quickly become one of the most popular fly-fishing spots in the state. Even though it is so popular, there is a good chance you will go the entire day without seeing more than a kayak or two passing by. 

While the fishing is fantastic, be prepared for the sun. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and a tent of some kind; the Colorado sun is far more intense than you could imagine.

Florida Keys

You don’t have to travel to the forests and mountains to find excellent fly fishing spots. The Florida Keys comes with its own saltwater fishing challenges, but if you to stick to your guns and you are patient, you are in for huge rewards. 

With fishermen reeling in 200-pound tarpons and a ton of other fish you won’t find in any other river, don’t miss out on some of the most exciting, intense, and unique fly fishing in the country. 

Photo by Charles Jackson

Snake River

Back to the wilds and wilderness of Wyoming, Snake River flows past the magical destination of Jackson Hole as it makes its way across Wyoming. Many fishermen travel here to catch the aptly named Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout. 

The best part about fishing at Snake River is that if the fish aren’t biting, you can take a trip through Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Teton National Park. 

White River

Many people may be surprised to see a river in Arkansas on this list, but thinking the Gem State doesn’t have some of the best fishing around would be a mistake. Thanks to the incredible green hills and limestone cliffs, Arkansas has plenty of rivers teeming with bass and trout. 

The White River, in particular, is arguably one of the best places to catch giant brown trout outside of South America, and with South America being too expensive for many, the White River is the perfect alternative. 

Yellow Breeches Creek

With Pennsylvania being home to the Cumberland Valley, which is packed with crystal-clear limestone streams, it isn’t surprising that the area is a fly fisherman’s dream. Yellow Breeches has the additional benefit of being ideal for rookie fishermen to test their skills.

If you want more of a challenge, you can drop your lure in the nearby LeTort Spring Run or Big Spring Creek; the challenge will be harder but the rewards are much sweeter. 

North Umpqua River

In the beautiful fir forests of Southwest Oregon, you will find the Umpqua River. Under the surface of the water, you will discover steelhead, trout, and salmon, with many fishermen reeling in 20-pound steelhead giants. 

When you aren’t on the river, you can check in to the magical Steamboat Inn for a night or two, and you can explore a few of the local restaurants serving up fish caught in the rivers that run right next to them. 

Photo by Kazuend

The San Juan River

Another state that many might not believe has amazing fly fishing is New Mexico. The premiere fishing spot is obviously the San Juan River. Many believe it to be the most densely populated trout river in the country, and there’s a good chance you’ll barely have to put in any effort to get a catch. 

Below the dam, there, on average, 20,000 trout per mile of river. Small flies to large trout is the name of the game, but as mentioned, once you have dialed it, you’re going to be reeling in catches over and over again. 

As you can see, there are several ideal fly fishing spots in the United States, and these are only a few of them. There are dozens more to find all across the country that are primed for the best fly-fishing weekend you have ever had.