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The Joy of Summertime in Anguilla

Photo courtesy of Anguilla Tourist Board

There are so many reasons to fly south to beautiful Anguilla this summer. It may be sunny and warm where you are, granted, but can you swim with turtles, snorkel or dive in some of the best spots in the Caribbean from the comfort of your backyard lawn chair? What about strolling along soft white sandy beaches with the azure sea beckoning you in for a cooling swim? 

Not only does Anguilla offer all these and more, but in the summertime there are deals, deals, and deals galore to take your family time to that next level. More than a dozen properties on the island, from luxury hotels to indulgent resorts to exclusive villas offer affordable vacations during the summer months. Several extend the visitor’s stay with a free night, or hotel credits for everything from delicious meals to pampering spa days. Others offer discounts, beach BBQs or complimentary chef-service breakfasts. The Visit Anguilla website has full details of all the deals, but bookings have to be completed soon to get the best offers. We break down some of the highlights for you below!

Family Fun Many resorts offer activities to keep kids of all ages amused all day, whether mini golf, treasure hunts, coconut bowling at one end of the fun spectrum, horseback riding on the beach or golfing on an 18-hole championship course at the other. In the summer months, you’ll never have trouble finding a chair on the beach or beside the pool. Some resorts offer childcare services at night so mom and pop can enjoy an adult night out. In the summer you’ll always find a table at the trendiest restaurants, where you can dine in the gentle zephyr of a breeze under a starlit sky.

Aquatic Adventure

Summertime weather on the island is almost perfect as it seldom rains. Anguilla’s position tucked away in the Leeward Islands of the northern Caribbean banishes unbearable heat and humidity with sunny days and warm tropical breezes. The seas around the island are predominantly calm, though tend to more turbulence on the Atlantic side, but make for pleasant offshore excursions. For snorkellers and scuba divers alike, the calm waters are crystal clear, making for the best opportunities to see the dazzling array of reef fish. Turtles large and small are inquisitive and will often come and swim around divers. But don’t try and grab hold; that’s cruel and illegal. In the summer, the waters surrounding Anguilla are always warm and inviting, with a beach for every type of family-friendly activity. Two small uninhabited cays are only a boat ride away, offering a more private excursion where your footprints on the white sand beach may be the only ones.

Under the Stars and After Dark

Night kayaking is a can’t-miss attraction for those with an adventurous spirit after sunset. Liquid Glow guides paddlers in glow-in-the-dark kayaks, which barely disturb the water but stir up an exciting response. The phenomenon of bioluminescence is only seen in the summer when tiny sea creatures like plankton give back the sunlight they’ve absorbed during the day in a vibrant display. The most common colour is blue, often seen from the beach where gentle waves trigger the night glow, but many other colours exist and can be seen by keen-eyed adventurers. With luck and patience, you might encounter a giant turtle swimming beneath you in the wine-dark sea. To round out your evening adventure, some resorts offer campfires on the beach: a great way to socialize with newfound friends.

With more time on their hands, fewer tourists to cater to and school finished, Anguillians like to party in the summer. Anguilla Day and Carnival are both celebrated in the summer with competitive boat races during the day. The Valley Street Festival is just what it says. At night the island comes alive with tempting BBQs, incredible island music and dancing. You won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in and be assured, the friendly Anguillians will make you feel most welcome.

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