Traveling ‘Kissing in the Rain’ Booth Surprises Warm-Weather Cities with the Magic and Romance of a Rainy Seattle Day

First-ever 'Kissing in the Rain' booth inspires travelers to cozy up in Seattle this fall

As summer temperatures soar, Seattle is embracing its rainy reputation to help locals in warm-weather cities cool down and pucker up. Visit Seattle – Seattle’s destination marketing organization – surprised locals in Los Angeles and Scottsdale with a first-ever Kissing in the Rain booth. The fully sustainable, walk-in photobooth captured Seattle’s rainy-day joys: as people kissed in the rain, danced in the rain, and rejoiced in the promise of a rainy Seattle day.

“A kiss in the rain is the ultimate movie moment for a reason,” said Ali Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer for Visit Seattle. “There’s romance and spontaneity in the rain – it’s something Seattleites know well. To be able to bring that misty magic to other cities in a way that’s both unique yet entirely true to Seattle – our romance, our beauty, our charm – was incredibly special.”

The Kissing in the Rain booth made its first splash on a scorching day in Venice Beach (92 F), and then traveled to the Arizona desert – providing a welcome cool down for locals in Scottsdale (104 F). Visitors to the booth were able to create their own keepsake, movie-style posters against the romantic backdrop of Seattle’s skyline.

The booth was built to replicate a rainy Seattle day, with a design inspired by the Emerald City. The 17′ x 16 wood-paneled booth had rainfall that was captured and pumped back to make the booth fully sustainable.

While Los Angeles and Scottsdale were the first cities to experience the Kissing in the Rain booth, Visit Seattle may bring the booth to other U.S. hotspots.

Until then, the organization is encouraging travelers to visit Seattle to experience the real thing. Over 20 of Visit Seattle’s partner hotels are offering special cozy season promotions and travel specials – from romantic getaways to family winter explorations. Among the highlights are maps of the best kissing in the rain spots in Seattle, rainy day activity guides, gift certificates to romantic restaurants and even custom ponchos.

“As a city, we’re not hiding from those few misty months that make us evergreen – we’re embracing it,” said Daniels. “Cozy season in Seattle is one of our city’s best kept secrets – our local businesses and attractions are built for all-seasons, and our fall and winter temperatures are quite mild – making our city the perfect romantic getaway.”

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