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The Most Breathtaking Natural Places in Israel

Despite the small dimensions of Israel, the country offers some of the most spectacular natural landscapes, like iconic desert rock formations and stunning beaches and waterfalls. Mother Nature has been more than generous with the natural sites and monuments created in the Holy Land, and this is why the country is appreciated for its beauty worldwide. Do you want to spend your vacation under the sun at one of the most gorgeous beaches? Come to Israel? Or, maybe, you want to wander around the desert; in this case, Israel is also the best option. Plus, you will have the opportunity to glimpse into the Jewish culture with every step you take, and you will surely be amazed by it. 

So, if you want to witness the most breathtaking natural places of the Holy Land, this guide is for you. 

Photo by Dave Herring

Timna Park

Timna Park is a stunning place in the Arava Desert, with plenty of natural formations, like red sandstone rocks, ancient copper mines and rock arches created by erosion. Tourists and even geologists are fascinated by the unique structures made by water and wind that have stood the test of time in several geographical periods. Although Timna Park has around 15,000 acres, the most visited attractions are Mount Timna, The Arches, Solomon’s Pillars and The Mushroom. 

You can visit the area by taking long or short hiking trails, depending on your experience level. You will find plenty of activities for kids here, like sand bottling and inspired craft ideas, and the good news is that the site also offers a campground and a restaurant. Around the park, you will encounter unexpected wildlife, like trees and plants, that survive the harsh conditions of the arid climate, and you can also discover a small lake. Yes, you read that well; there is a lake in the middle of the desert, so you need to check out this piece of heaven. 

The Dead Sea

Going to the Dead Sea is an experience you must try, as it is the lowest place on earth, at 1,400 feet below sea level. The good news is that you don’t need to bring your swimming abilities here, and you can come even if you are not a great swimmer because you will float effortlessly in the Dead Sea. The body of water has rightfully gained its name, as no fish can survive there, due to the 34% salt concentration (in comparison with the ocean water, the amount is ten times more). This region is also known for its therapeutic properties because the water contains magnesium, sodium and bromide, which are beneficial for the skin and can help treat dryness or psoriasis. The mud there will offer the best spa experience and help your skin be in the best condition ever. Remember not to have any injury or open wound because you’ll feel the burn.  

The Dead Sea is also suitable for kids, which means that your family holidays to Israel can include it, so don’t hesitate and try this country because it offers plenty of activities you and your children will love.

The Red Canyon

The Red Canyon, situated in the Eilat Mountains, is one of the places you will absolutely love because it offers some beautiful and accessible hiking trails. The routes are quite simple, so there is no need to be an athlete to explore them and admire the gorgeous geological sights. The area is famous for its colour, an intense crimson hue that appears the moment when the sun hits the canyon. So, the place is impressive whether you are an experienced hiker who wants to check this destination off the bucket list or just want to appreciate the fantastic natural formations.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is a geographical marvel and an important site for Christian pilgrimages, as it is said to be the location where Jesus walked on water. Despite the name, the Sea of Galilee is a freshwater lake, and in this region, you will often hear it called Lake Tiberias or Kinneret Lake. The area offers plenty of activities, such as walking, cycling, hiking or enjoying the nightlife. The best spots to visit are Tiberias, the beaches and Switzerland Park. 

Tiberias is the largest city around the Sea of Galilee and an important holy place for Judaism. Here you can pamper yourself at the Tiberias Hot Springs, where you can relax at the ancient pools or Turkish baths while getting a massage or a mud treatment. 

Rosh Hanikra Grottoes

If you go to Rosh Hanikra, you will witness the love story between the sea and the mountain, which resulted in the creation of one of the most spectacular grottoes in the world. This place is the perfect getaway from crowded city life, as the fantastic geological formations and the glistening turquoise water will charge your batteries and make you feel part of nature. To arrive at the caves, travellers must go on a cable car and descend 70 metres, from where they will have the most brilliant view of the Israeli coastline and can also walk farther into the marine tunnels. After this activity, it is the best time to relax at a café or restaurant and buy gifts from the souvenir shop. 

Final words

Israel is a fantastic country that offers cities with important religious significance and natural places that will take your breath away. Whatever your reason for visiting Israel, it will impress you deeply because of the stunning landscapes and the fascinating Jewish culture.