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The Travel Guides Cast: Everything About Salary and Living Conditions

The Travel Guides is a popular Australian reality TV series. It first aired in 2017 and was met with positive feedback from viewers. Australians were eager to watch a different type of reality TV series. They found this show to be a refreshing change from the regular selection of reality TV programs.

This series follows groups of travellers from Australia. All of the travellers are ordinary Australians, but each group is different from the next. Their job is to review the accommodations, cuisine, and tourist attractions.

However, this isn’t your ordinary travel series. The contestants on this show are put in unpredictable situations. It’s part of what makes this show unpredictable and humorous. Each group of travellers will have a different take on the situations at hand.

What Does the Cast Do on Travel Guides?

The cast of this hit reality series gets to go on exclusive vacations around the world. While they travel, they will experience different activities, try dishes custom to other cultures, and stay at local hotels and resorts. In exchange for this, they will leave brutally honest reviews.

In each episode of the series, the travellers will go on a week-long vacation (all expenses paid). The groups each consist of family members or close friends. They will leave their comfortable nest in Australia and venture to big cities worldwide.

Viewers are introduced to new groups of travellers each season, and some fan favourites have returned to the show. One of the most popular groups on the show is the Fren family, who has appeared in all five seasons.

These groups have gotten to travel to places all over the world. Some of the places they’ve visited include:

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mexico
  • Texas, USA
  • Perth, Australia
  • Argentina & more

Does the Cast of Travel Guides Get Paid?

It hasn’t been released to the public how much the castmates of Travel Guides get paid. However, the Fren family had openly commented on how the show saved them when they were experiencing financial hardship with the restaurant they own.

Many reality TV shows made in Australia will provide contestants with weekly pay while filming. Travel Guides is a different scenario. Ordinary Australians get to travel to tourist destinations in Australia and internationally for free. All fees are covered, including accommodations, transportation, meals, shopping, and other activities they participate in. Since everything is free for travellers, they don’t have to worry about any expenses.

Whether or not the contestants get paid per episode and how much they earn hasn’t been revealed. Each group of family and friends do have the job of leaving a red hot honest review. Even if they don’t get paid, the free travelling and TV exposure are worth it.

A lot of Australian reality TV contestants are able to earn money because of the exposure they have gotten. Once the TV series airs, fans of the show begin following the castmates on social media and subscribing to their content. Well-known castmates have been able to use their exposure to get further opportunities, such as appearances on other TV series. It’s also common for them to get paid endorsement deals where brands pay them to post content on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Another way that these contestants use their exposure to earn money is through paid online gigs, like Cameo and similar platforms. This is when they record personal messages for fans for a cost. The more popular a castmate is, the more they can charge for a video. It’s also common for castmates to use paid subscription platforms, like Patreon and OnlyFans, to earn an income. Also, a lot of contestants may like to relax by gambling and choose a new Australian online casino.

What Are the Living Conditions Like on Travel Guides?

Every country these travellers visit will have different accommodations. The accommodations will be based on the culture of the country they visit. This is why the reviews from the Fren family, cowgirl twins, and other favourite castmates are always red hot.

For the most part, they get to experience good quality living conditions. However, since the accommodations are often different from what they are used to, it leads to some hilarious reviews. This is one of the main reasons why this reality TV series has been such a hit with Australians and other viewers around the world.

Every episode is a different experience for the castmates and the viewers. Travellers could be enjoying the lux life on a cruise, visiting a casino in the city, or going on an off-road adventure. They must be up for anything to get the full travel experience.

Will Travel Guides Return for Season 6?

Do you want to see the Fren family and other fan favourites back on your TV screen? Currently, there is no word on when season 6 will be released. This is because the 6th season hasn’t been renewed yet.

Fans of this beloved reality TV show shouldn’t have reason to worry about the series’ fate. It has been confirmed that the series hasn’t been cancelled and is just on a break.


Does the idea of temporarily leaving your job and travelling the world for free sound like a dream? That’s exactly what the castmates of this popular reality TV series get to experience. While there currently isn’t any information released on what contestants earn from filming the series, the experience they get is well worth it.