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Tips for Holidaying on a Budget

Everyone deserves a holiday now and again. But when times are tough, having the money to treat yourself to a break is easier said than done. It’s not impossible though! With a little creative thinking and some compromising in certain areas, there are ways to enjoy a holiday on a budget. Let’s begin!

Stick to a budget

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a couple hundred pounds or a few thousand, sticking to a realistic budget is crucial to avoid going overboard. Consider how much you have to spend or how much you will be able to save and use that to determine your location, duration, accommodation and activities.

You may find you only have enough for a weekend city break or perhaps a week away somewhere in the UK. Whatever you can afford, start with your budget and see how you can make the most of it. Not maximising or exceeding your credit limit will also help ensure you can improve your credit score if you’re planning on buying a house anytime soon.

Look for cheap flights and travel deals

There are so many supposed cheap travel hacks when it comes to booking holidays these days. However, few of them actually seem to work. One of the best ways to book a holiday on a budget is to look for the cheapest flights and travel deals nearer to the time.

Airlines and accommodation providers will be looking to fill empty seats and rooms, meaning you can usually grab a good bargain if you’re somewhat flexible with dates, times and potentially even destinations. It’s also quite exciting to see what you’ll come across!

Consider slow travel

The idea of slow travel is becoming increasingly popular these days and it’s actually quite a good method for holidaying on a budget. It involves making your way from place to place more slowly, utilising more affordable and local travel methods, and immersing yourself in real culture rather than tourist hotspots.

You can apply this principle to backpacking and holidaying alike, saving money by doing activities and using transport that tourists wouldn’t normally use. It could limit the damage of a holiday on your bank account, help you create fonder memories and is better for the environment too.

Spend with the right cards

Using your standard UK bank card when travelling abroad can see you paying a fair bit in spending fees. Some of the newer online banks, such as Starling and Monzo, are handy for travel money allowing overseas spending with no fees and competitive exchange rates.

Alternatively, you can take out local currency in the UK before you go to access some of the best exchange rates on offer. Just be careful while you’re carrying it around. And don’t forget some banks offer cashback deals on spending with their accounts, so make full use of that.