Tofino Resort + Marina is celebrating Earth Day this year with an Ocean Friendly Business designation from Surfrider Pacific Rim. As a commitment to join other local businesses in the region to make improvements to commercial waste management practices, Tofino Resort + Marina is dedicated to reducing single-use and unnecessary plastics and implementing regenerative practices.

“We are thrilled to be an Ocean Friendly Business and excited to implement guidelines that support our values of living and working in reciprocity with nature,” says Christopher Fehr, General Manager of Tofino Resort + Marina.

Photo Leila Kwok

“On the Pacific Rim, the business community is continuing to create a culture of commercial stewardship, from engaging in circular practices to championing the movement towards a plastic free coast,” says Lilly Woodbury, Regional Coordinator of Surfrider Pacific Rim. “With the cooperation and support of our local businesses we are more aligned and empowered than ever before to instill waste habits that advocate and advance the values of the people that work and live here.”

Surfrider Pacific Rim is committed to the protection and enjoyment of the ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. As part of this network, Tofino Resort + Marina has actioned several meaningful changes including:

  • Adopted the use of sugar cane-based and 100% compostable takeout containers for signature restaurant 1909 Kitchen, eliminating plastic takeaway coffee cups, containers and sauce ramekins;
  • Joined the Take Back the Tap Campaign, supporting the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles;
  • Eliminated foam docks from their marina, recognized as a leader in eliminating un-encapsulated foam docks on the coast;
  • Installed refillable bathroom amenity dispensers throughout the resort;
  • Led a socially distanced beach clean up during the Pacific Rim Whale Fest 2021 at Cox Bay Beach;
  • Committed to ongoing monitoring and improvements to maintain designation, working closely with Surfrider Pacific Rim each year moving forward

Twenty-two percent of material that ends up in the West Coast Landfill is recyclable, and a majority of this is plastic. Tofino Resort + Marina is proud to join forces with Surfrider Pacific Rim to eliminate single-use plastics, divert waste from landfill and support an Ocean Friendly Corridor between Tofino and Ucluelet.

For more information on how Tofino Resort + Marina is having a positive impact on their community visit


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