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New Study Reveals The Most Zen-sational Destinations For Spa Breaks

woman on a spa holiday lounging by the pool
  • Paris is home to more spas per km² than anywhere in the UK, US, Canada, and Europe with an impressive 965 spas across the city
  • Europe is home to nine of the top 10 spa break destinations, with three of the top ten being found in France
  • Chichester, Norwich and Bath are the top three UK cities for spa breaks respectively 
  • Vancouver, Honolulu, New York, Miami, and San Francisco are the only Canadian and American cities to feature in the top 20

A new study by the travel experts at money.co.uk has revealed the cities with the most spas per sq. kilometer. Whilst some holidays can be jam-packed, full of activities, sightseeing and exploring, sometimes we just need a relaxing spa break to unwind and reset fully.

Paris ranks as the best destination for those looking for a relaxing break with an impressive 965 spas across the city. Paris has so much to offer visitors, from beautiful art galleries, iconic historic buildings and great shops and restaurants. However, you can also escape the chaos of the city at Molitor Spa by Clarins (the top-rated spa in Paris), where prices start at £250 (€290) for a day spa pass.

Second is Barcelona, with 5.93 spas per sq. km, the Spanish city boasts 605 spas in total. It also has one of the lowest starting prices for a top-rated spa – at just £36. The sunny climate, delicious food and vibrant culture make the city an attractive destination for travelers looking for a great long weekend away, with some of the most affordable top-rated spas to relax after a busy weekend of exploring. 

Brussels is third on the list, with 73 spas in its 33 square kilometers, where access to the top-rated spa starts at £85 (€99). Bath & Barley offers a unique spa day experience, where your pass will get you full access to spa rooms located in a centuries-old, traditional Belgium cellar, where you will find two handmade oak tubs where you can soak in beer-fermented water and a large straw bed for relaxing after bathing in beer. 

There are only five destinations on the top 20 list that are outside of Europe; including, Vancouver in Canada in fifth, Hawaii’s Honolulu in 13th, New York City in 15th with one spa for every km², followed by Miami, and San Francisco is 18th. 

Top 10 cities with the most spas per sq. kilometer 

RankCityNumber of Spaskm² of CityNo. spas per km²Top-rated spa – starting price
1Paris, France9651059.19£250
2Barcelona, Spain6051025.93£36
3Brussels, Belgium73332.21£85
4Athens, Greece83392.13£30
5Vancouver, Canada2311152.01£131
6Zurich, Switzerland165881.88£85
7Bordeaux, France90491.84£90
8Lyon, France71481.48£136
9Basel, Switzerland34241.42£84
10Chichester, England13111.18£95

Methodology and sources

Using TripAdvisor as a source, we searched ‘spas’ for every major UK, EU, US and Canadian city. By selecting ‘all listings’ we sourced the number of spas in each city. This was then compared with the size of each location to reveal the number of spas per square metre. 

TripAdvisor was also used to source the most popular spa in each location by looking at the listing with the most reviews and mentions. The cost of a spa day at the most popular spa was sourced via their official website. Their official websites are also the source of specific treatments they offer and their cost. 

Cities and their size were sourced from worldpopulationreview.com

Cities with less than 10 spas were discounted from the study.

All data correct June 2022.