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Top 5 Golf Destinations Around the World and the Gear You’ll Need

Ever dreamed of teeing off at the world’s best golf courses? A stunning coastal gem or a true golfer’s paradise?

You’re not alone.

The smell of freshly cut grass, the crackle of the club meeting the ball, and the thrill when your shot lands just right. Golf isn’t merely a game; it’s an experience like no other.

Top 5 Golf Destinations Around The World. It sounds enticing, doesn’t it? But what if we could bring these experiences closer to you?

We’ve got some hidden gems for you in this journey through greens and fairways around the globe. We’ll be exploring iconic destinations from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews – each with its own unique charm and challenges that every golfer dreams about.

But this isn’t just any ordinary compilation; it’s something special.

Photo by Diego Grandi

There’s a reason why Pebble Beach Golf consistently finds itself among the top 100 golf courses in the world. Its blend of natural beauty and unique challenges makes it an unforgettable destination for any golfer.

The Unique Challenges of Pebble Beach

Playing at Pebble Beach is like dancing with the Pacific Ocean as your partner. The waves crash, roar, and whisper secrets to those who dare to tread these fairways. But don’t let this coastal charm fool you; each hole here presents its own set of tests that can flummox even seasoned pros.

Photo by Noah Rosenfield

You might think that playing along the coast would offer some relief from tricky wind conditions, but quite often it’s just the opposite. The ocean breezes at Pebble Beach are fickle and unpredictable, turning seemingly straightforward shots into complicated puzzles to solve.

Apart from testing your ability to read winds, there’s another aspect where Pebble really shines: its greens. They’re smaller than average, which means precision is paramount when approaching them; miss by a bit and you’ll be scrambling for par or worse.

Beyond these elements lies perhaps what makes this course truly special – its unparalleled aesthetic appeal coupled with historical significance in professional golfing events such as the  U.S. Opens only adds more layers to what is already considered one of golf’s most prestigious stages.

Making the Most Of Your Visit To This Top Coastal Golf Course

No trip to this iconic location would be complete without taking time out—off-course too. Besides offering breathtaking views across Carmel Bay from Stillwater Cove and Bird Rock Picnic Areas while enjoying mouth-watering local cuisine available onsite, they also host professional tournaments for spectators to watch. These off-course attractions add more flavor and give you a chance to unwind after an intense round.

Swinging your clubs at Pebble Beach Golf Links isn’t just about the game. It’s soaking in everything this incredible spot delivers – testing your mettle on one of the globe’s premier courses.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort – A True Golfer’s Paradise

Imagine a spot where the horizon unites with the clouds and sweeping fairways of emerald-hued grass run on endlessly. Welcome to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, a golfer’s haven nestled along Oregon’s rugged coastline.

This resort is not just known for its breathtaking views; it is also recognized worldwide as a golf mecca with multiple courses. The meticulously designed landscapes here challenge your skills while delighting your senses at every turn.

Accommodation Options at Bandon Dunes

Your trip to this golf paradise wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the luxurious accommodations it offers. Here, you’ll find lodgings that are nothing short of extraordinary—perfect retreats after an exhilarating day on the greens.

The accommodation options cater to different preferences and group sizes. Whether you prefer cozy cottages or spacious suites, there’s something for everyone in this golfer’s sanctuary by the sea.

A Variety of Courses That Challenge You

The resort features several world-class courses, each presenting unique challenges inspired by true links-style play reminiscent of Scotland’s historic layouts.

No two holes are alike; from sweeping par 5s that dare you to take out your driver to challenging par 4s requiring strategic shot selection down to tricky par 3s that test your accuracy over gaping sand traps or water hazards, Bandon Dunes keeps even seasoned players intrigued throughout their round.

St. Andrews – Where It All Began

Golf has a deep-rooted history, but it’s at St. Andrews that the story truly begins. Often regarded as the birthplace of golf, this location holds immense significance in every golfer’s heart.

The reason for its fame is none other than the iconic Old Course. This ancient greenway still captures players’ hearts and challenges their skills like no other course around the world.

Photo by Ryan Caven 

A Glimpse into Golf’s Past: The Rich History of St. Andrews

If you’ve ever wondered how golf came to be, a trip to St. Andrews can give you some answers and so much more. Not only does it house relics from our sport’s past, but it also offers insights into how golf evolved over the centuries.

This destination is steeped in tradition; every hole on its courses tells tales of legendary matches and unforgettable moments that have shaped modern-day golfing culture.

Making Your Pilgrimage – Experience Firsthand

To truly understand why St. Andrews occupies such an esteemed place within the global sporting heritage, one must experience it firsthand.

You need to feel the wind against your face as you tee off, witness how centuries-old design can still pose a worthy challenge, and soak in the atmosphere that whispers tales of legendary games. That’s when you realize why it’s considered the birthplace of golf.

As we say at Big Horn Golfer, there is no better way to understand a game than by immersing yourself in its roots. St. Andrews offers this unique opportunity for every golfer, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic beginners.

Pinehurst Resort – Championship-Level Courses

As a golf enthusiast, the charm of Pinehurst Resort isn’t just in its beautiful landscapes. The real allure lies within its championship-level golf courses, which provide a challenging and thrilling experience for all.

The resort is renowned for its world-class facilities, offering several different course options to keep your game diverse and exciting. But let’s delve deeper into what makes Pinehurst stand out among other destinations.

Photo by Marg Johnson

Non-Golf Activities at Pinehurst

You might ask yourself, “What if my travel companions aren’t as enthused about teeing off?” Don’t worry. This family-friendly resort offers more than fairways and greens.

Apart from practicing swings or trying to make birdies on the lush green fields, there are plenty of activities available at this venue to cater to non-golfers too. A variety of dining options exist right on site, where you can enjoy scrumptious meals while taking in views of the sprawling landscape. There’s also a spa providing an array of treatments perfect for unwinding after long days spent exploring or hitting balls down range.

If you’re traveling with kids who need something more energetic than relaxing spa sessions or leisurely lunches overlooking stunning scenery (though we’d argue those sound pretty great), they’ll find plenty else here geared towards their interests, like lawn games set up around property grounds throughout the day.


Golfing is an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of a game. Each course has its own charm and challenges. Pebble Beach Golf Links captivates with stunning coastal views. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort draws you in as a true golfer’s paradise.

St. Andrews takes you back to where golf began, while Pinehurst offers family-friendly championship courses. And remember, the right gear can make or break your game.

Our journey through these Top 5 Golf Destinations Around The World was about bringing those experiences closer to home. You’ve now got a taste of what awaits at these iconic destinations. It’s time for action – pack your bag, choose your club, and tee off!