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Top 5 Things to do in Notting Hill

Photo by Noralí Nayla

You have seen it all before – the London Eye, Tower of London and even that giant TV tower everyone talks about. But if you want something more than just landmarks (though they’re certainly worth seeing), why not head into an overlooked neighborhood?

There’s no better spot in town than Notting Hill; its colorful homes make this small area feel like a true Briton has lived here his whole life! And don’t worry: He or she won’t judge if You look outside when walking down these streets because most people doing so walk straight past without noticing other people.

You can experience more than just history, though – there are plenty of opportunities year-round, too, such as undercover markets selling handmade jewelry, live music performances at various bars around town, galleries showcasing modern art pieces created exclusively by British artists.

We’re going to the capital of the UK, and we need some help getting oriented. So here are 5 things you can do during your upcoming holiday to make it more fun.

1.   Go For A Swim

Handstands in your sleep? Yes, please! Whether you’re looking for somewhere calm and unjudgemental to learn the basics? If you care about your health or you want to get a sweat on in Notting Hill, then you can explore health clubs like Body Work West which has probably the best swimming pool in notting hill. With an 18m pool, 60+ classes per week, and fitness medicine or physiotherapy experts, this health club has everything you need. The heart of Notting Hill lies within its location regarding these amenities offered at the moment when they are most needed.

2.   Reach Portobello Green Market

Head to the Portobello Green Market if you want a taste of London in all its Vinyl glory! Of course, vibrant colors and bustling markets are not for everyone, but there’s no better way than this laid-back Friday afternoon stop on your way home.

Bargain shoppers should head straight down ‘Porto Bellos Road’ as it becomes line with vintage clotheslines-perfect trinkets from across Europe waiting just below them when they’re done bargain shopping at an unbeatable price point.

3.   Explore Restaurants and Cafes

The food scene in Notting Hill is one of my favorite things to explore. There are so many great restaurants and cafes within walking distance from each other, like Farm Girl for their famous rose latte or E&O next door at the corner where you can enjoy some tapas with friends while sipping wine in candlelight. If hunger strikes after dinner, then head over to Gail’s Place – they have amazing pastries too.

4.   Visit Museum of Brands

The rain in London is like, you know? It’s always rainy. But sometimes tourists don’t want to spend the entire day walking around and seeing all of this world’s chaotic beauty under blue skies with dreary days so that they can head over here instead! So, if that sounds like your idea of fun (or maybe just something different), then check out some vintage advertising pieces at Notting Hill Museum of Brands.

The Museum is an event-driven organization that strives to create debate ideas and examine brands’ role in history. The permanent galleries are just one part of what they do; their subtropical garden provides a relaxing space for visitors while hosting more than 200 conferences per year, including ones with Facebook or Unilever who come through often enough.

5.   Explore the Serpentine Gallery

The best art gallery in Notting Hill is the Serpentine Gallery, set on 260-acre Royal Park. You can enjoy walking along formal avenues of trees and taking in contemporary paintings commissioned by this fantastic institution while you’re there. If your child/student has any love for Peter Pan or J M Barrie, then they’ll want to check out Pec Kids, who specializes entirely in magical things related to children’s books such as “Never Grow Up.”

A little further ahead towards Kensington Gore Gardens lies one of the finest attractions London has ever offered: The original bronze statue created specifically honors James Matthew Barrie – author of beloved children’s novel.

Final Thoughts:

Notting Hill is an amazing neighborhood. It has something to offer no matter what you like. While you’re taking in these moments together- take note of how quickly your senses become alive again after being dulled by city life. What are your favorite things to do in Notting Hill?