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Top eSIM Travel Providers in 2024

This article will inform you about eSIM providers that provide favorable conditions for accessing mobile internet abroad.

Discover the conditions for activating mobile internet in various countries before even entering them. By reading this article, you’ll eliminate the need to search for physical SIM packages while traveling, overcome language barriers when purchasing a local SIM card, and comprehend new service regulations every time.

Comparison of the Best eSIM Providers in 2024

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the top eSIM providers, detailing service costs, coverage areas, support for regional and global packages, and the option to add a virtual number. This review will equip you with insights into the pros and cons of the leading providers in 2024, along with their average ratings.

1. ESIM-Man Platform

ESIM-Man provides coverage in over 176 countries and regions. The eSIM plans support 7 regional and 176 international destinations. Services cost from $2.5 per 1GB, and some include SMS texting. 

The esim-man.com platform is attractive:

  • A user-friendly interface for those new to using an eSIM.
  • A simple process of setting up and activating a digital card.
  • Transparent pricing policy without additional commissions and a wide choice of payment methods.
  • 24/7 customer support via online chat or social media.

Among the disadvantages are prices 10-15% higher than the market, but in return you get full support from activation to start using your eSIM. This is ideal for those who are not familiar with the new technology decided to use a digital card for the first time. 

2. Airalo App

Global eSIM provider Airalo operates in over 200 countries, offering 7 regional and 130 international destinations. Prices for the service are $1.3 per 1 GB. 

The Airalo app stands out with these benefits:

  • Broad coverage.
  • Customisable tariff plans.

However, most packages lack voice messaging support and the tariffs in Africa are quite high.

3. Ubigi eSIM

Ranked among the best eSIM services, Ubigi is available for travellers in over 200 countries. It is instantly customisable, easy to top up and offers prepaid plans. One-time, monthly and annual data plans are available, as well as region-specific plans.

Ubigi benefits include:

  • High quality connectivity.
  • Large selection of eSIM plans available for Europe.
  • Flexibility to choose your connection period and traffic volume.

Disadvantages include poor coverage in some areas of Spain, problems with technical support and possible slow speeds when using a VPN.

4. Holafly Platform

Holafly functions across 160+ countries, servicing 5 regional destinations. Their sole offering is an unlimited plan priced at €19 for a 5-day period, enabling calls within Europe from Australian numbers starting with +43. However, they maintain an average user rating of merely 3.5 stars on the Play Market.

But, the Holafly platform is valued for:

  • Flexible payment in US dollars, euros or Mexican pesos.
  • Unlimited traffic on most plans.
  • Additional features such as in-app expiry tracking.

However, it does not support data sharing and is one of the oldest and most expensive providers on the market.

5. Instabridge Platform

Instabridge’s eSIM provider operates in over 127 countries, offering only international destinations with no regional plans. Services cost $1.28 per 1GB. The average user rating in the Play Market is 4.1 stars. 

Instabridge benefits include:

  • Two-factor authentication and other robust security technologies.
  • Reliable network service in over 127 countries.

However, there is no calling or texting capability, and the site is one of the most inconvenient compared to other providers.

6. Yesim App

The eSIM provider Yesim offers coverage in over 165 countries, supporting 10 regional, 160 international and 6 global packages. Prices for data plans start at €1.4 per 1GB. The average user rating in the Play Market is 4.2 stars. 

Yesim’s benefits include:

  • Quality coverage.
  • Ability to connect a virtual number.
  • Convenient application for iOS and Android.
  • Simple registration and activation procedure.
  • Yesim profile can be used as an access point for mobile data exchange.

Disadvantages include a slightly higher cost of services compared to the average on the market. In addition, there is a data-only restriction in place, with the suggestion to use third-party VoIP apps for calls and messages.

7. AloSIM Application

Global provider AloSIM, operates in over 170 countries, supporting both local and regional eSIM data plans. A total of 11 regional data plans are available, with the service priced at $4.5 per 1GB.

Android and iOS smartphones are supported. Manual eSIM activation, automatic setup and installation via QR code scanning are also provided.

Benefits of the aloSIM app include:

  • Support for device-to-device data exchange.
  • Data calculator.
  • Local network service.

Disadvantages include no mobile phone and SMS plan, no regional plan for Africa and no comprehensive plan for Asia, and no unlimited data plan, unlike other providers.

8. Flexiroam eSIM

The Flexiroam provider is one of the best eSIM services, offering attractive pricing plans. The service costs $1.90 per 500 MB. It supports Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, you can activate the eSIM in three different ways: manually, by scanning a QR code or automatically via the app.

Flexiroam benefits include:

  • Support for data sharing.
  • Availability of multiple local partners and service providers.
  • Available short-term pricing plans.

Disadvantages of Flexiroam include no phone or SMS data plan and no time-limited plan.

FAQ about eSIM Providers

Q: Which eSIM providers are suitable for the United States?

A: Here is a list of global eSIM providers offering favourable plans for the United States: ESIM-Man, Airalo, Nomad, Holafly, Yesim.

Q: What are the benefits of using an eSIM for travelling?

A: Using an eSIM for travel provides flexibility and convenience as you do not need to purchase and change physical SIM cards when you visit different countries. You can easily switch between different providers and plans online.

Q: Which eSIM providers offer mobile calling and SMS services?

A: Among the eSIM providers offering mobile calling and SMS services are ESIM-Man, Nomad, and Ubigi. These providers provide the ability to not only transfer data, but also make and receive phone calls and send and receive SMS messages.