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Top Travel Workouts You Can Do Without Equipment

You may be traveling on business or on vacation, and you have no access to fully equipped fitness facilities. A busy schedule or lots of social engagements while on holiday may also be making it more difficult to work out.  All the same, you appreciate the benefits of exercising and are exploring the various possible methods to work out without any equipment.

Here are some of the best travel workouts you can perform without equipment, and still reap the benefits of exercising:

Bodyweight training

You can do bodyweight training from your hotel room without any equipment. The beauty of these exercises is that they are amazingly effective. You use your body as resistance to torch tons of fat and to build strength. Also, these exercises work several muscle groups, as the workouts require a number of muscles to work together to produce the appropriate movements. For example, to do a push up, you need to involve your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, back muscles, obliques, and glutes, and have all of them work in unison to lower your body to the floor and raise it back to its initial position. The engagement of several muscles activates a metabolic response that will result in your body burning calories long after you have stopped exercising, unlike the elliptical, whose effects end when you stop working out.

Bodyweight exercises also lead to a significant improvement in day-to-day activities, like squats, which will improve the manner in which you rise from a chair. You also enhance your posture and muscular stability. Additionally, you minimize your chances of injuries because your joints and muscles are strengthened,which is a big contrast from the elliptical, as there is little to no joint or muscle strengthening.

Other bodyweight exercises include burpees, pull-ups, squats, and glute bridges. To avoid boredom or monotony and to increase the difficulty for more effectiveness, you can do several variations, like including unilateral (one arm/leg) movements, among others. The key is to keep the workouts short and simple, and to increase intensity to optimize on your time. You will torch more calories, develop muscle, and achieve more of your goals in shorter durations. You may also incorporate steroids from Steroidsfax to enhance your exercise performance and to achieve your goals even faster.

Invisible jump rope

All you need for this workout is to engage your imagination and jump over an invisible rope. To perform it, jump up about two inches off the ground without moving forward or backward, and as you do so, spring off the balls of your feet. Twist your wrists, ensuring your elbows remain close to your ribs. Keep your core tight as you hop, and let your knees be soft. You should do the activity for a minute, pause a bit, and do it again. Repeat about 3 to 6 times.

Mountain climbers

You start mountain climbers in a push-up position, with your arms straightened and legs fully extended behind you. To start the workout, you bend one knee and bring it towards your chest, placing the ball of your foot under your hip. Then,you return your bent leg back as you draw your other knee towards your chest.Keep alternating your legs, and within no time, the move becomes more explosive. Within 20-30 seconds, you will get a feel of this exercise,which has many advantages.


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