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Top Trending Spa Destinations For 2024, Revealed

Romania is 2024’s top trending spa destination, with a 233% increase in searches for spa trips in the country

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For many people, the start of the year comes with a refreshed bank of annual leave days, which provides the perfect opportunity to do some holiday planning, while dreaming of some summer sun during the cold winter days. For those who are looking for the ultimate relaxing getaway in 2024, and some serious self-care time, a destination spa break may be just what the doctor ordered…  

As part of their annual Spa Trends Report 2024, online booking site SpaSeekers.com has revealed the top trending spa destinations in the world, based on increases in Google search data. The results reveal the most up-and-coming destinations for spa holidays for the year ahead, which should certainly be considered in any holiday planning – with locations ranging from those with mineral and thermal springs, to far-flung jungle paradise retreats. 

Based on the research, Romania is the top trending spa destination for 2024, with a huge 233% increase in searches for spa trips globally. Home to many thermal and mineral springs, the country is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway. France follows in second place, with a 120% increase in searches. Whether a luxurious spa on the Côte d’Azur is calling your name, or a snuggly sauna and steamy hot tub session in a mountain chalet is preferable, there are plenty of options to choose from. Qatar and Vietnam tie in third place (85% increase) for those looking for a more exotic destination, while China and Montenegro tie in fifth spot (84% increase). 

Bulgaria and Poland continue the European trend in the top ten destinations, with both of these countries offering spa-goers cost-effective ways of taking a luxury holiday. European countries also make up more than half of the top 20, with Malta, Austria, Latvia, Luxembourg and The Netherlands offering options for those looking for a European spa break. From Asia, the popular destinations of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand accompany some more unusual destinations in the form of China and Nepal. Tunisia features in joint 10th position with fellow African nation Morocco ranking in 13th – both North African countries, the tradition of hammam baths are a must-try for any lover of spa treatments visiting the continent. 

1. Romania: +233% searches 

Romania is predominantly known for its snow-covered mountains, green hills and forests, vineyards as well as beautiful sandy beaches on the shores of the Black Sea, as opposed to its spas – but this landscape also lends itself perfectly to relaxing spa getaways. More than a third of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs are found in Romania, so there are plenty of thermal spas for any luxury lovers to uncover too. 

2. France: +120% searches 

France is often thought to be home of many things associated with luxury; high fashion, beautiful fragrances and delectable wines – and this isn’t any different when it comes to wellness. Spa-lovers won’t have to travel far in the country to find somewhere to kick back and relax, with the French Riviera home to plenty of beautiful spas for the rich and famous. The Alps are also home to spas and saunas aplenty – perfect for unwinding after a long day of skiing. Alternatively, Vichy, the ‘Queen of Spas’ and the most prestigious French spa town, could well be worth a visit for those looking to take a step back in time.  

=3. Qatar: +85% searches 

Qatar is home to many world-class facilities, and this is no different when it comes to spa breaks, with many high-end retreats to choose from, all designed to melt all your worries away. For those who enjoy trying out different treatments, the vast range of spa facilities on offer in the country will provide plenty of opportunities to seek out new spa experiences. 

=3. Vietnam: +85% searches 

Also crowned Asia’s Top Spa Destination in 2023, Vietnam tops the list of Asian countries based on search interest for 2024. With beautiful beaches and tropical jungle, the exotic backdrops of Vietnam will allow spa-goers to really escape the mundanity and worries of their day-to-day life. With many healing and relaxation retreats, visitors to Vietnam can expect to find many experiences on offer – from mediation to thermal springs and Vietnamese massages, to herbal baths.  

=5. China: +84% searches 

Though countries such as Thailand and Vietnam may be the first to spring to mind when thinking of spa destinations in Asia, China also has an impressive array of wellness facilities. With many holistic traditions and ancient medicines ingrained in the culture of the country, these practices have fused with cutting edge treatments and technologies to offer a completely unique treatment landscape.  

=5. Montenegro: +84% searches 

An up-and-coming destination in Europe, Montenegro offers the perfect destination for those looking for a coastal getaway. In particular, it has long been considered that two regions in Montenegro have beaches with healing properties – those in Herceg Novi and Ulcinj. Igalo in Herceg Novi is a prominent health tourism destination as a result, with the Mud Beach at the Dr. Simo Milošević Institute being a popular destination, with the mud said to possess healing properties that can relieve symptoms of rheumatic diseases, joint and muscle issues and neurological diseases. Alternatively, for the ladies, the Women’s Beach at Ulcinj is said to have a positive effect on reproductive function, due to high levels of hydrogen sulfide. 

7. Canada: +83% searches 

The thought of Canada’s beautiful landscapes is enough to make anyone feel relaxed, and a trip to this stunning country is sure to not disappoint. An ideal destination for wellness tourism, there are offerings for everyone – from outdoor activities, to indulging in saunas tucked away in hidden bays.  

8. Bulgaria: +82% searches 

One of the most affordable destinations in Europe, Bulgaria offers a more purse-friendly option for those wanting a relaxing break. With over 700 hot springs, the country is also a popular destination for spas dating back to the Roman era. Why not take a visit to Sapareva Banya for a natural hot geyser experience; Hisarya for a hot spring experience set among spectacular ruins; or Devin for a location with crisp, fresh mountain air that’s sure to make you feel brand new.  

9. Nepal: +69% searches 

Often associated with the practice of yoga, Nepal and the Himalayas are very closely tied to wellness and should be a destination that many lovers of self-care will have high on their travel bucket lists. Yoga retreats can be found here in abundance, but the country also has a history of ayurvedic medicine, so ayurvedic and hot stone massages which can aid circulation and detoxify the body are often found on offer too.  

=10. Poland: +60% searches 

With strong natural mineral sources, visitors to Poland for a spa trip should certainly look out for their acidic springs, sulphur springs, salt springs and thermal waters. They all bring different wellness benefits and are also enjoyable natural wonders to be admired too. Another unique wellness treatment spa-lovers can enjoy in Poland are the salt caves – the most famous being the Wieliczka salt mine. Here visitors can enjoy many treatments and all the wellness benefits that salt is said to offer, such as treatment for asthma, allergies and skin issues.   

=10. Tunisia: +60% searches 

Another country with a long history of spas and bathing, again influenced by the Roman era, any fans of hammams are in for a treat in Tunisia. More recently, thalassotherapy has become another popular choice, with the water and seaweed-based treatments designed to soothe and revitalise the skin and body.