“Och Aye No”, Haggis, Kilts, Whisky, and Braveheart! 

If these are the only things you know about Scotland, we have a lot to say to you! Full of castles, mystic creatures (Not yet spotted), parks that will blow your mind, locals that are super friendly, cottages that make the shire-life look real, Scotland is a land that can charm one and all!

Scotland is a place that should be explored slowly. There is so much to see that hurriedly booking from one tourist spot to another would probably lose the whole feel of the experience. A few things must be kept in mind to make the best of your Scotland trip.

  • Always pack a raincoat with you. The winds can be harsh and an umbrella won’t help you much.
  • Be prepared to meet warm and friendly locals. They just love to help you out and welcome you.
  • Learn what Haggis is before you order one of their most famous dishes, so you are not surprised when you order it.
  • You will taste the best Coke and Whisky ever!

How To Explore The Scottish Charm At Its Best

Scotland is named one of the best destinations to visit consistently. We could go on and on about what is so amazing about this place. However, we decided to make you aware of some of the most beloved Scottish experiences you must have when visiting Scotland. 

Scottish Whisky

This surely comes as no surprise to you. Scottish Whisky is known all over the world for its distinct flavors. Scotland has over 100 distilleries, so make sure you visit one to warm up a grey afternoon. While we are at it, another two drinks that Scotland is known for are Gin and Scottish Beers. So, if whisky is not your thing, head over to a local pub for a pint of locally brewed beer or a chilled G&T!

The Mystery Beast

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the most famous mystery folklore beasts, said to be crawling under the waters of the ever-famous Lochs (lakes in Scottish) in Scotland. The best route to get there is to travel to Inverness and take a 25-minute drive from there to Lochend. Take a cruise on the eerie waters where the legendary beast was spotted.

Life in Cottages

Ditch the high and cold-looking hotels to stay in one of their Shire-like cottages in Scotland. Scotland is full of beautiful cottages which are around the countryside and villages. Big Cottages In Scotland are very popular with tourists and are preferable especially if you are a bigger group traveling together or just like to relax in a spacious cottage. With the many selections of large holiday homes, you’ll surely find the right space for you and your travel group.

A traditional cottage in Scotland is built from rocks and usually has a historic significance in how it is decorated inside. And yes, you can also visit the little shire house from the Lord of The Rings

Magical Experiences

Yes, you read it right. Indeed there are magical locations like the Ethereal Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, a mysterious cave called Fingal’s cave at the Isle of Staffa, and to top it all a journey by the famous Jacobite train. The same one from Harry Potter. Not only do you enjoy a pleasant ride with beautiful views but you also get to relish the catering services like tea, fresh drinks, and wizard treats. Visit the beach in Dunbar to see a little bridge that leads to nowhere. The bridge was initially made to help cross from Beil Water to the beach but during high tide, the little bridge just looks like it’s there on its own with nowhere to lead. 

Dance a Ceilidh

Ceilidhs are a musical tradition wherein you enjoy the symphony of many ageless instruments and cultural dance. With the dance steps which form a weaving sequence of people in and out, cultural music, and local drinks, this will be a party experience you never had. A must experience to witness to see the true spirits of happiness the Scots have to offer. 

Gaze at the Lit Sky

Many areas in Scotland are free from air and light pollution. This gives you a chance to lie back and watch the sky full of stars and breathe in the fresh night air. On clear nights, you won’t even need a telescope. Another beautiful phenomenon would be the chance that Scotland offers to get a look at the Aurora Borealis. With the right weather conditions, you can get a chance to spot this amazing display of lights literally from anywhere in Scotland. That would be a good tick off your Wishlist!

Explore the Castles

Scotland has a galore of Castles for you to look at. From a numerous list to choose from, you can take your pick of the castle you want to visit and walk down the history lane. In  Aberdeenshire alone, the Castle Trail consists of 17 of the most magnificent and well-preserved castles in Scotland. It can take up from a single day to up to a week to be able to explore all the beautiful castles. 

Shop at the local Market

One thing to benefit from visiting Scotland is that it offers a highly distinctive culture. This means that you get an opportunity to buy things for yourself and gifts for others which are hard to find anywhere else in the world. From Irn Bru, Haggis, Tablet to traditional Kilts, you will find a wide choice to pick something unique. Not sure what is what? The friendly Scottish people would be more than happy to guide you to buy something right for you. 

Scotland is one destination that can cater to diverse needs. From shire-like countrysides, the bustling city life of theatre and arts, to Icy mountain peaks for the adventurers, it can be the perfect holiday for all your moods. So if you are looking for an adventure, a calm retreat, or an experience of high life, Scotland is sure to entice your taste!


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