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Traveling And Transportation: What You Need To Do To Stay Safe

Everyone loves breaking out of their usual routines to travel and experience new places. Sadly, a good number of tourists end up being victims of burglaries and other violent crimes. Identity theft issues are also fairly common among tourists.

So, how can you enjoy the vacation you desperately need without putting yourself at risk? Here are seven tips to help you with this.

  1. Research The Destination

Before embarking on your vacation, do a thorough background check on your destination. Start by going through the state department website. It will give you a clear idea of the threats present in your desired destination.

That said, you should know that the state department is always “too comprehensive.” What that means is that they can provide all sorts of details about what could go wrong. This is helpful, but you may also have a hard time finding a destination with a clean record. Just keep that in mind when going through the website.

Besides the website, you can also do your own research online regarding the specific location you are going to. Know which areas are safe and which ones to avoid. You can also try to learn about the common scams in that specific area. This should help you get prepared for the dangers that you may face.

  1. Try To Blend In With The Locals

In certain destinations, tourists can be identified from miles away. For instance, a European will stand out when in an Asian country. There’s very little you can do about that. However, it is important to try and blend with the locals as much as possible. Don’t look clueless and out of place. This will only attract attention, increasing the risk of muggings.

How do you blend with the locals? Avoid wearing flashy items, use your map very wisely, wear simple clothes but with enough protection against pocket-pickers, etc. In other words, try to look like a regular who knows the place and knows what they are doing.

  1. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is very convenient, plus it can save you a few dollars that you would otherwise spend on data. Sadly, the convenience can come at a very steep price. For starters, public Wi-Fi services are notorious for getting hacked. Thieves can easily extract valuable information like credit card details from your smartphone or laptop.

So, how do you avoid this? One, get mobile Wi-Fi or a portable router and set up your own connection. You can also use a VPN to mask your online activities.

  1. Create Copies Of Your Documents

Many are cases of tourists getting their wallets and bags stolen with all their credentials inside them. In some cases, the tourists struggle to make it back home because they don’t have any backup documents. To avoid this, create several copies of all the essential documents you are carrying. You should have soft copies backed in the cloud and several hard copies. Also, try to limit the use of the original document as much as possible. If the service you need can be offered with a copy, use the copy instead of the original thing.

  1. Get A Travel Insurance Policy

It’s sad how so many people ignore travel insurance, yet it can be the difference between a peaceful and stressful vacation. These policies give you peace of mind knowing you are covered in case terrible things happen during the trip. Therefore, buy property and health travel insurance before taking your trip. It’s also wise to get car rental insurance if you are vacationing with a rental car. This way, you can have fun during your holiday without worrying too much about everything that could go wrong.

  1. Protect Your Smartphone

Gone are the days when phones were simply a tool for communication. Today, mobile phones carry banking services and other sensitive information. Therefore, losing your smartphone can result in even bigger problems. For this reason, you must protect your phone as much as possible. Use strong passwords and activate tracking and location services as a secondary security measure. 

A smartphone wiping application may also be necessary. In case you can’t find the phone after it’s stolen, erase all the data to ensure it doesn’t compromise your social security number, credit cards, etc.

  1. Be Wary Of How You Use Social Media

In today’s social media age, it’s very easy to get caught up sharing your moments online and forget all about your security. This can lead to a disastrous ending.

Thieves may be able to use your social media posts to keep track of your activities. And here is the crazy thing; these posts can compromise your security at your destination and back at home. Thieves can easily break into your home and steal your valuables when they know you’re away.

Therefore, limit your social media posts as much as possible. Experts recommend disabling geotags when uploading these posts. It’s also wise to wait and post once you’re back home.

Those are some of the key tips to protect yourself while traveling. Remember to keep an emergency number with you during the holiday. It’s also good to give someone back at home a copy of your holiday itinerary.