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Traveling to Play Poker: Top Destinations for Poker Lovers

Traveling to exotic places to enjoy the views and playing poker are two most favorite things for gamblers. Online poker has made things a lot simpler and easier for players, but travel enthusiasts still prefer playing at top poker destinations. Playing poker outside your home or room is another adventure that you must experience for once in your life.

Once you have felt the happiness of playing poker at your favorite destinations, online poker will feel even better. Without spending thousands on traveling and hotels, you can easily play online casino games from your bedroom.

Is it worth Travelling for Poker?

Should you spend thousands of dollars playing poker in Las Vegas or any other popular destination? Before packing your bad, check out PokerLaws.org for the latest regulations on playing poker around the world. The laws in every country are different regarding poker. Your favorite destination may not allow gambling. So, I advise choosing a location that is not only beautiful but also regulated by casino operators in the region.

Traveling for poker is only justified when you have the urge to explore places. If making money with poker is your only goal, then online poker is a better option for you.

Top Destinations for Poker Lovers

We all have different expectations and goals related to poker and other casino games. Some play for fun, while others want to make quick money with these games. If you have made up your mind about traveling to popular destinations for poker, here are my top suggestions for the best experience.

1.     Las Vegas, United States

No list of poker destinations is complete without mentioning Las Vegas. Even films and dramas feature this city as the gambling hub. There are hundreds of casinos and other entertainment options in this city.

Traveling to Las Vegas and other facilities may cost you a significant amount but playing games is not always expensive. There are casinos in the streets that will allow you to play even with $2 and $4. These tables start with minimum bets, so players with little range can also participate.

2.     Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Casino is located at this destination. This city has amazing views to offer to the tourists, and they would love spending time at the exotic casinos and other scenic locations. From three and five cards poker to progressive poker games, there are different options available for the players.

Visitors not only visit this beautiful city for gambling but there are several other major attractions for families and individuals. There are waterparks, huge malls, and colorful nightlife for tourists and gamblers. The beaches here are worth seeing, and you will not get bored in this city. Playing poker games with a view is an adventure that you will never forget.

3.     Monte Carlo, Monaco

When it comes to glamorous places that have a lot of options for casino lovers, Monte Carlo must be your top choice. Even if you are not a poker fan, visiting this place for the views only is also worth it. There are many international poker events conducted here. This place is not just about expensive hotels and exotic casinos. Local casinos offer affordable tables where beginners and other players can gamble. 

The streets are too gorgeous here, and if you love boating, you will have more than enough boating and cruising options to enjoy here. Car racing lovers can also find many things that will make their visit worth it. Spending a vacation in Monte Carlo is something that you will never regret.

4.     Macau, China

Chinese culture attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. China offers countless top casinos to local and international players. Macau is the ultimate pick for poker players who enjoy visiting beautiful cities and places.

There are different casinos and poker rooms available for players of all ranges. Laws are quite strict against rogue and fraudulent casinos, so visitors can enjoy their games without worrying about anything. The consumer protection efforts of the authorities make Macau a popular destination for poker lovers.

5.     Los Angeles, USA

The USA has many cities that are ranked as the top travel destinations for gamblers. Whether you want to play at modern casinos or old-fashioned casinos, Los Angeles has the right options for players of every taste. Commerce Casino in Los Angeles is called the biggest casino in the world, with more than 240 card tables.

For tourists who are in the city with family, there are different other entertainment options available for kids and other members. Disneyland is one of the major attractions in the city. Movie lovers will love spending time in the streets of the city. There is a lot to explore for everyone.


Visiting these places after having some good knowledge of the game is a better choice. I highly advise playing online poker before planning your tour. Players who have tried online poker will have more fun while playing at the top casinos at these destinations.