“I want to see the world and bathe in every ocean” is a dream and an unfulfilled desire of many people. Luckily, travelling has become quite inexpensive lately and those dreams can be fulfilled. With a two or three year savings, most people could embark on a journey and visit many different cultures across the globe, meet new friends and photograph themselves in front of every monument. Travelling abroad for the very first time could be scary. Here are the things you should know before going on your first trip.

Your Passport

Basically, no matter where you live or what you do, without a passport you are not allowed to leave your country. This is the universal law of travelling. Passport serves as your personal ID, so that the customs can track your movement and know where you’re heading. Also, if you ever get in trouble, use your passport and enter your local embassy. Getting a passport is fairly easy: simply file and complete a form, pay the processing and filing fee, and wait until it’s processed and done. Passport shouldn’t be copied and you should always carry an original with you.

Health issues

Before every trip, it’s highly advised that you visit your doctor’s office. Double check everything and make sure you’re properly vaccinated and protected. Also, check with your insurance company and see if your health insurance applies abroad and overseas. In case it doesn’t, it is advised that you pay an additional fee and add extra coverage. Having health insurance is much cheaper in the long run; in case you’re in need of a doctor or medical supplies in a foreign country, you could end up paying a small fortune.

Check the money conversion rate

Since you are going to be moving a lot, it’s recommended that you check the local currency in the country or countries you plan to visit, and find out the conversion rate. Check with your local banks how much you will get by 10$, and check online how much you will get once in the country you plan on travelling to. Always bring money with you, and have some savings on your credit card. Convert only when you need to shop or buy souvenirs, food or gadgets.

Find an accommodation

It’s not easy to find the perfect accommodation but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. When it comes to accommodation, there are a few options and your choice depends on your wishes and budget. If you want to have all sorts of amenities, then opting for studios for rent is the perfect option for you. You’ll feel like you’re at home because you’ll have all the privacy along with all the amenities you need. This will make your travel much easier and allow you to relax.

Understanding the visas

As a new traveller, it is very important to understand what visas are and how they work. Also, your passport’s country of origin is important for not all countries and passports have the same “power”. Some passports such as the one from the USA, UK and Australia don’t need a visa to visit other countries. Most of the other countries of the world do require a visa to enter another country. Make sure to check everything, because the procedures could be long and frustrating.

Create an itinerary

Where do you want to go and what do you want to see? Place a world map in front of you and create your journey by drawing up an itinerary. Find inspiration from a travel magazine and create your itinerary. There are many places to see, countries to visit and cultures to experience. If you have time and money saved for travelling, it’s one of the things everyone should do at least once in their life.

Travelling abroad is not as scary as it used to be 20 years ago. With a quick internet search, you can find all the information required, contact the embassy or local authorities. Anything you need is on the web, and the Internet is accessible almost anywhere in the world. Pack your bags, your passport and health insurance, and get ready to travel.


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