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Travelling Around Italy: Top 5 Betting Pubs

In Italy, where passion for sports combines intricately with vibrant pub culture, locals and foreign bookmakers of NonAAMS.com have found a new form of entertainment. When sports lovers gather in cosy Italian pubs, the atmosphere becomes charged with excitement and cheers. Here, the love for sports becomes a communal experience, with friends and strangers alike. People come together to bet on their favourite teams. Against this setting, there is a subtle growing trend, one that combines the thrill of sports betting with the convivial ambience of the pub.


In the province of Gorizia, MaxBet Sport Caffe offers an attractive mix of sports betting and entertainment. It is one of the top sports betting bars in the location, and it features an active round-the-year sportsbook allowing patrons to engage in live wagering. Besides that, the venue also hosts a lively slot club for gaming fans, bringing the arcade years to life. As for culinary options, you get both international and local cuisines served through a delicious menu. It is also available online for pre-reservations.

In short, MaxBet Sport Caffe is not just a place to watch games but an all-inclusive arena that captures the thrill of sports, gaming, and a wonderful dining experience under a single roof.

Bet and Drink

The charming town of Marano Vicentino welcomes you to its very own Bet and Drink Sports Bar. It is a dedicated location for sports lovers, enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike. You get to watch your favourite matches and also place bets. The doors open at 12:30 each day. Its location is convenient at Via Vittorio Veneto, 96, where this establishment combines the thrill of betting with the joy of cool drinks. On top of that, the interior features an exclusive bar for swift service, though sometimes you have to wait a bit. Overall, it makes up for a go-to spot for locals seeking a hassle-free betting experience.

The family-friendly ambience and inclusive staff enhance the overall appeal. There is something that people love the most. This versatile sports bar and betting agency offers a maxi-screen for immersive game-watching. Now, you can bid farewell to long queues with the availability of PCs for hassle-free betting. It also features a TV lounge where friends and family can gather to enjoy the games over drinks and bites. Thus, the Bet and Drink Sports Bar is a site where sports, bets and gatherings come together in the hearty town of Marano Vicentino.

Sport Bet Cafe

This spot is located at Viale Trieste, 39, Cagliari. Sport Bet Cafe effortlessly brings together the thrill of sports betting with a delightful bistro/cafe experience. You seldom find such a juncture. This venue boasts an impressive 4.4-star rating from Google Reviews by offering a wide range of pastries, croissants, and pizzas. Customers and local guides praise it alike. The friendly and polite staff make every visit worthwhile. If you drop by often, you will notice a calm atmosphere. While the place gets an overall rating of 4, it manages to score 5/5 on food for both service and take-away. 

While parking may be a slight challenge, the overall experience at Sport Bet Caffe is noteworthy. You will certainly speak about professionalism, cleanliness, and welcoming ambience.

Las Vegas Bar

Situated on Via Prenestina, 1050, Roma, Las Vegas Bar comes with a reputed score of 4.06 in Google Reviews. While some bars are new, this is a good old place. This bar-tabac offers a good combination of warm and elegant interior space, like outdoor seating for those who prefer it. Customers also praise this place for its sleek and modern design, cleanliness, good maintenance, and variety. They have plenty of tables both indoors and outside. People especially mention the attentive and polite bartender Alessandro with great service. So, you will find a ton of things like this to cherish about. If you drop by often, it becomes a great happening spot. As a sports betting bar, you find jovial surroundings and a games room.

The bar greets you with an ambience despite the hustle and bustle, ample space for parking your vehicles, and a pleasant stay. Customers also commend the excellent coffee and recommend trying out the Family Size Cornetto Gigantes. Las Vegas Bar stands out for its sports betting options and as a versatile business store. It is perfect for both serene gatherings and lively events. It has indoor and outdoor recreational spaces, all in the heart of Roma capital city.

442 Sports Pub

Next, you have to travel to Milano. In the vibrant city of Milano, 442 Sports Pub is a great attraction for connoisseurs of both sports and beer. The site is located at Via S. Galdino, 10. This lively establishment draws crowds with its impressive catalogue of draft and bottled beers. It is a perfect setting for soccer fans to cheer and bet on their favourite teams and enjoy live matches and televised highlights. 442 Sports Pub has a welcoming atmosphere and does more than a typical sports bar. Because it offers an excellent service of European cuisine for dinner, late-night bites, and drinks, you don’t have to think twice.


As a customer, you will find this mocktail of sports, pub culture, and betting in Italy very alluring. Italy is where lively establishments bring the thrill of sports wagering with charged atmospheres. From the welcoming ambience of MaxBet Sport Caffe to the dynamic Bet and Drink Sports Bar, each venue presents a unique dose of entertainment.

Whether enjoying the immersive-live AR/VR experience at Sports Bet Cafe or savouring the culinary delights at 442 Sports Pub in Milano, visitors are invited alike. Customers can indulge in the quintessential Italian way of watching games and gambling. Do visit these vibrant sports pubs the next time you are in Italy, and don’t forget to explore an attractive array of sports betting pubs in Rome – the capital of the country.