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Travelling To Bratislava? Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Stay

Travelling To Bratislava

Antiquity, beautiful structure, custom and heritage, artwork, delicacies, refreshment, and social life, are here in Bratislava. Found in Slovakia, the capital city Bratislava is nestled beside the Danube River. An offbeat path destination to some but is a treasure found. This capital city offers everything from 6,000 caves, mountains, 180 castles, 425 chateaux, 1,600 officially registered hot springs, and many more.

Should you decide to visit this beautiful place, here are some places you would like to see.

Main Square and Entering Michael’s Gate

Start your morning with breakfast in this place. It is not far from hotels, probably situated in about 20 to 30 minutes’ drive by taxi. Usually, taxi Bratislava Schwechat is just a call away when you are out of the airport. You can go instead and enjoy a cup of adrenalin booster to sustain you in your wandering. Many intimate cafes are lining the main square, buildings mostly in pastel colors. It serves as a passageway into the city’s old town.

The last Gate is standing among the four original medieval gates that protected the city from invaders. Michael’s Gate is a rough prototype of Baroque Architecture.

The Church of Elizabeth and Breathtaking Devinska Kobyla Forest

This destination, which was built in the early 20th century, looks like a part of a fairytale play, due to its blue color. The church is smaller in size than the other churches. The church is the project of a Hungarian architect who built it in the 20th century. We can spot a difference from every other church we’ve ever seen. It did remind us of Gaudi’s appearance – a breathtaking and unique sight if you’ve ever been to Barcelona.

For travelers who are nature lovers, Devinska Kobyla is a treat for you. See the forest flora and fauna. This is the highest peak at Bratislava. You can hike and bike on this steep hill adjacent to the forest.

Castle, Palaces, Museum, and History

Bratislava Castle is the heart of the city, and it is a magnificent rectangular white building overlooking the Danube River, should you ever find yourself there, visit the Slovak National Museum and learn about their history.

Explore the pedestrian lined with souvenir shops selling local crafts with fascinating design and colors. You can also see the Primate Palace, the most protected and most delightful building in the city.

The National Dish

When you get hungry touring around the city, have a sample of their national dish called the “Bryndzove Halusky” made of potato dumplings with bacon and a smelly but tasty cheese called Bryndza. It is a popular meal that is served almost everywhere.

To sum it all, Bratislava is a beautiful destination to visit. It is a safe city to roam around even at night. With a minimum of 63 to 68 euros a day for food and transportation, you can enjoy traveling. The locals are warm. Besides German and polish, they can even converse in English. Visit this offbeat place and have fun with your family.


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