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Tripling the Travel Fun: How 3-Wheel Electric Bikes Are Changing the Game

Photo by Jorvik Tricycles

3-wheel e-bikes are changing the game when it comes to travel. They’re fun, safe to ride, and help you get a healthy workout. Many people love them for these reasons, but there’s much more to discover regarding electric trikes.

Want to learn more about tripling the travel fun? E-trikes surpass standard bikes for many reasons, so keep reading!

1. You Receive Pedal Assist Features

One of the best reasons to choose an e-trike or 3 wheel electric bike is that you receive pedal assistance. These features can help you pedal, taking much of the physical strain off you. The pedal assist can make the e-trike easier to ride for extended distances or up hills, making it more accessible.

Many people mistakenly think that means they’ll get less of a workout in with an e-trike. However, that’s simply not the case. You can get a lot of good exercise without wearing yourself out. That means riding the trike more consistently is possible, helping you build good habits.

Pedal assist also allows you to build your strength and endurance over time. You can start with more help from the motor and lower it as it starts to feel too easy. This method lets you track your fitness progress with ease.

Overall, the pedal assist function is one of the main reasons people will choose an electric trike over a regular model.

What Exactly is Pedal Assist on an E-Trike?

This feature allows you to choose the amount of power the motor provides to the pedals on an e-trike. The more energy it gives, the less you must push to move the pedals. Although the battery will run out faster, the higher you have the assistance set.

There are generally a few pedal assist modes on each e-trike. One is full-throttle, which has the motor take over completely. The other modes are varying levels of assistance, from high to none. You can completely tailor your workout to your fitness level with this feature.

2. They’re Much More Stable Than Bikes

Photo by Jorvik Tricycles

Next, electric tricycles are more stable than the standard two-wheel bike. You can have more travel fun when you don’t have to worry about falling over as much.

Since the e-trike has an additional wheel in the back, it can provide more balance. E-trikes also often include thicker tires, allowing them to be more stable and absorb more shock during your rides. They’re also less likely to fall over during sharp turns.

The added stability is vital for seniors and people with mobility issues who want to get into cycling. It also makes transporting your belongings on the back of the trike easier and safer.

So, if you don’t feel stable on your old bike, upgrading to an e-trike can help you feel safe and secure while riding again.

3. They Have a Higher Carrying Capacity

Next, e-trikes have a much higher carrying limit than standard bikes because they usually have storage space on the back. Their larger frames allow them to transport more stuff, so many people prefer using e-trikes to run small errands, like shopping trips or laundry at a laundry mat.

The storage space is also great for carrying your work belongings with you. That means you can use the trike to commute and haul your daily supplies on the back. There’s enough room to hold a day bag and a packed lunch.

E-trikes also have a higher weight limit than bikes, so you can carry more stuff than you could on a bike. Plus, the pedal assist will help you easily haul heavy loads, even if you must go up steep slopes during your trip. They’re much more convenient for this reason.

There are plenty of things you can bring with you on your electric trike, so we’re sure you’ll find uses for it.

4. They’re Great for Kids To Tag Along

Many trikes come with a chair that you can put on the back, where the storage space is. This feature can make them perfect for small children who want to ride with you. It can be a ton of fun for them. You’ll just want to ensure you get a model with a strong motor to help you pull them along.

E-trikes are changing the game for families because of this feature. You can make a day out of it, too. Have your kids ride with you, pack a picnic lunch, and then enjoy your time outside with your loved ones.

If you have older kids, they can ride along on their bikes while you use the e-trike and carry your lunch in the back storage area. E-trikes make keeping up with energetic kids easier because you can raise the pedal assist if needed.

Overall, e-trikes are wonderful for people who love to spend time outdoors with their families. You’re sure to have a blast cycling with your family and friends.

5. Modern E-Trikes Have Fitness Tracking

Photo by Jay Miller

Another benefit that can make your travel fun is fitness tracking. Many newer models have apps that monitor your heart rate, travel distance, and speed. You can also use GPS in the app to help you get where you need to be.

You’ll want to look into what e-trike brands come with apps before committing if that’s important to you. Not every brand offers apps, but more are starting to. It’s also good to know that the app will track what you need it to.

Tracking your health data will tell you if you’re becoming fitter by riding your e-trike. It can also make it more fun since you can see your progress on your smartphone, making it feel more like a game.

Triple Your Travel Fun With an Electric Tricycle Today!

Now you know all of the ways that you can triple your fun with an electric e-trike. They’re more stable than bikes, come with pedal assist features, and many offer fitness tracking. Plus, you can use them for your daily commute to keep it from getting dull or have the kids tag along on your ride. The possibilities are endless with a reliable e-trike.