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Vacations on the French Riviera: 10 excellent reasons to go there

The allure of the French Riviera is undeniable. From the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the glamour of its coastal towns, it offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Whether you’re seeking world-class cuisine, dramatic views, or cultural experiences, you’ll find it all in the southeast corner of France. It is the home of the Cannes Film Festival after all.

The luxury lifestyle isn’t only for the super-rich here. With our guide and pick of the best vacation rentals in Cannes, you can bask in the sun along the French Riviera whatever your budget.

There’s accommodation for every budget

Your vacation experience can be significantly enhanced by choosing the right lodging. Choosing an apartment can be a more cost-effective option for extended stays or family vacations, allowing you to experience the region at your own pace. There are apartment rental offers available for the entire French Riviera. These rentals provide a unique opportunity to live like a local while enjoying all the comforts of home. Many apartments are situated in prime locations, offering easy access to beaches, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants too. You can also stock up at the local supermarché to make meal times more affordable.

You can stay at the heart of the action

You can save time and taxi money by choosing a vacation rental at the heart of Cannes. These rentals not only include modern amenities, such as private pools and stunning sea views, but place you in close proximity to the city’s business heart, renowned film festival and vibrant nightlife. 

Experience gourmet dining for less

The culinary scene on the French Riviera is nothing short of spectacular. Renowned chefs create masterpieces using fresh, local ingredients to tantalize your taste buds. From Michelin-starred restaurants to charming bistros by the sea, every meal can be an extraordinary experience regardless of your budget. 

The wine is worth it

You can also pair your dinner with exquisite wines from nearby vineyards to elevate your gastronomic journey. To sample and purchase wonderful wines at their lowest, a visit to the local market is a must.

There are attractions for all the family

The French Riviera is rich in history and culture, offering numerous attractions for curious travelers. Visit iconic sites like the Prince’s Palace of Monaco or take a stroll through the historic old town of Nice. 

Marvel at motorsport’s most prestigious event

The annual Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is a fantastic experience to witness, even for those who are not big fans of motorsport. The 78-lap race sees the world’s leading drivers weave their way around a dramatic street circuit that passes the famous Casino Square and swimming pool.

Enjoy scent-sational days out

A short drive from the bustling coast, you’ll find the French Riviera’s perfume capital, Grasse. Home to around 30 perfume makers, you can spend your day picking up a few soaps and sprays to take home or enjoying a guided tour of one of the many factories.

The shopping in St. Tropez

In the 1950s, St. Tropez was just a tiny fishing village. Now it has become the number one shopping destination in the Cote d’Azur. As well as a string of Michelin-starred restaurants, it’s home to designer boutiques and dazzling jewellery shops. Head to the Place des Lices on Tuesday and Saturday mornings to shop food and fashion at the weekly market.

Admire amazing art

In Vincent Van Gogh’s words: “The whole future of art is to be found in the South of France.” Art enthusiasts will appreciate its museums dedicated to Picasso and Matisse, showcasing their works amidst beautiful surroundings. 

The beaches are the best

The hundred-mile stretch of the Cote d’Azur is home to not only some of the best beaches in France but the world. You’ll find glamorous beach clubs and superyachts from Paloma to Pampelonne.