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Valid Reasons To Use A VPN While Traveling

Taking extra online safety measures is a must for any traveler. While away on your trip, you’re connecting to many public and semipublic Wi-Fi networks which may not be as secure as your password-protected home or work networks. It’s also possible that you’ll end up using a shared computer, which adds yet another layer of risk when it comes to the safety of your important confidential data.

Here’s where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in handy – it keeps all your connections private, allowing you to safely and securely access the internet while traveling regardless of what network you connect to. With an impressive list of features, a VPN helps protect even the most tech-savvy digital nomads from cyber criminals who are always looking for exploitable opportunities. If you’re going abroad – especially if you’ll make use of Wi-Fi hotspots – then investing in a quality VPN is definitely worth the cost and will provide priceless peace of mind.

6 Reasons to Use a VPN When Traveling

You need to know what are the 7 main benefits of using a VPN. So it will be possible to fully answer for yourself whether VPN is necessary or not.

#1 Secure connection to public Wi-Fi

Everybody loves getting something for free, and when we’re traveling, it can feel almost like an expected amenity – free internet. But the truth is that we are most vulnerable to cyber security threats when using public Wi-Fi networks, whether at the airport, hotel, or a café. Unfortunately, these networks tend to be open networks, making our online activities exposed to anyone on the same network. Plus, criminals have been known to set up fake hotspots in order to collect sensitive information from unsuspecting travelers. The only way to truly stay safe while connecting through public Wi-Fi is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network provides a secure connection so you can access the internet safely and securely no matter where you are traveling.

#2 Bypass regional restrictions

Bypassing location-based restrictions is important for those who want unrestricted internet access, but it’s a lot more than just a way to access forbidden content or unavailable sites. It can also be useful for traveling, as certain locations such as schools, libraries, and even banks can impose filters or blockages. Those who are on a student exchange, teaching abroad, and particularly drawn to beautiful libraries will definitely come across this restriction. Even when trying to access bank accounts and emails, restrictions may be imposed on individuals according to their current physical location. Finding out how to access various services from different locations is invaluable knowledge for any traveler!

To bypass the restriction on access to web resources, you need a good VPN for Android, which hides the real IP address and qualitatively replaces it with another one. Comparing different VPN apps, we noticed that more than half of them easily detect sites due to the fact that they use IP addresses that are blacklisted. VeePN is the best cheap VPN for Android available on the market. It has a free trial version and a large selection of available packages, so you can choose for any task and request. With this VPN for Android, you will be safe and have access to websites all over the world.

#3 Avoid location-based price targeting

Did you know that businesses can use your browsing data to alter their prices? It’s true; companies like airlines will up the price of tickets, simply because they know you’ve already been looking for a flight. Similarly, when browsing websites from different locations around the world, you may find huge discrepancies in pricing. Thankfully, there are ways to counter this; using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps protect your data and practices, while also allowing your IP address to appear as if it is located in any given area. So next time you’re booking a trip, try adding an extra layer of security – it could save you quite a bit!

#4 Permanent access to Netflix

The internet has made it so easy for us to access shows, movies, and music from all around the world. Unfortunately, content is not always accessible everywhere. Companies are bound by contracts that may prevent them from broadcasting in certain countries, leaving international viewers out of luck. What’s worse is having to watch your favorite TV show on Netflix in a language you do not understand! Thankfully the solution to this problem is relatively simple – a VPN service. By providing fake IP addresses, a VPN allows users to access their favorite streaming services from any country. So if you’re traveling, or just want to watch something new, remember that VPN solutions can help lay an entire world of entertainment at your feet!

#5 Bypass government censorship

The Great Firewall of China (aka the Golden Shield project) is the best example of a country limiting its citizens’ access to the internet. This restrictive approach by governments or local ISPs means that while traveling, both domestically and abroad, you may find your connection limited and several websites blocked. In China, this censorship reaches an extensive level, denying users access to some of the world’s most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the New York Times, and even Google! To overcome these restrictions, one must use a VPN service to route their connection through a server in another nation which does not impose any such limitations.

#6 Hide online activity

The VPN is a must-have for travelers these days. VPN software encrypts your data and provides you with an anonymous IP address, making it virtually impossible to track your internet history or data. You can stay connected wherever you are while traveling or working overseas, and gain secure access to social media sites and messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat that might not be encrypted by default. VPN service could provide peace of mind while traveling as it offers protection from ISPs and companies collecting data on your internet activity. It’s a great tool to ensure privacy during travel; as soon as you connect to a VPN server all your data is completely encrypted so no one can track what you’re doing online.


Traveling can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But it also requires extra vigilance in order to protect your data, identity, and online activity. VPN is a great tool that provides travelers with the necessary security measures they need while abroad. With a VPN, you can access websites blocked in certain countries, avoid location, protect your data, and even save on price differences.