New Zealand Welcomes the World for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

To celebrate the results of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 (FWWC23) Draw, New Zealand has released a powerful video invitation for all incoming football teams, fans, and manhiri [visitors]. Reserved for significantly important occasions, the wero [traditional Māori welcoming ceremony] signals a warm welcome to the 10 qualifying nations.

Regions and communities across the North and South Islands will play host to both teams and visitors during the tournament, boasting spectacular scenery, and a rich variety of experiences for fans to explore. While Team Canada was, unfortunately, not one of the selected teams to play in New Zealand, fans are welcome to travel down next Summer to watch the matches, as well as explore, embrace, and respect the magic of the two islands. This will be made easier for Canadian travelers, with Air Canada’s direct route connecting Vancouver and Auckland returning this November.