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Washington DC: A Mosaic of Women’s Excellence through Art, Culture and Business Leadership

Washington, D.C., is unveiled as a lively nexus in DRIFT Travel Magazine’s latest exploration, where engrossing museum displays, narratives of triumph, and a flourishing scene of female entrepreneurship merge to craft a celebration of women’s empowerment throughout the month. As International Women’s Month unfolds, DRIFT is keen to spotlight an eclectic mix of initiatives, exhibitions, and enterprises that cast a light on the profound contributions, artistic endeavors, and stories of women that elevate D.C. to the apex of travel enthusiasts’ must-visit destinations.

  • The National Museum of Women in the Arts stands as a beacon, exclusively dedicating its space to amplifying women’s voices in the arts. Following a comprehensive two-year refurbishment, it reopened its doors in October 2023, introducing enhanced galleries and programmatic spaces that promote accessibility, engagement, and dialogue around the pivotal role of women artists.
  • At the National Museum of American History, the Picturing Women Inventors exhibit pays homage to women whose inventive genius has often been overshadowed. It’s a vivid testament to their ingenuity and resilience, showcased through immersive murals and stories that span the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • DRIFT readers will find allure in the First Ladies and Iconic Global Women in Fashion exhibit at Hotel Washington. In collaboration with FASHIONPHILE, this display in the hotel’s grand lobby offers a journey through fashion history via the iconic accessories of figures like Jackie O and Princess Diana.
  • The Smithsonian American Art Museum celebrates Alma Thomas, a D.C. stalwart and Howard University faculty, with its exhibition “Composing Color: Paintings by Alma Thomas,” highlighting her abstract masterpieces filled with vibrant hues that resonate until June 2, 2024.
  • Jennifer Bartlett’s exploration of garden motifs through abstract expressionism and mathematical precision is on full display at the Phillips Collection until April 30, 2024. Her work demonstrates a unique blend of creativity and analytical thought.

D.C. not only plays host to these inspiring exhibits but also stands as a bastion for women’s advocacy and achievement. This commitment is further exemplified by local and globally recognized efforts that acknowledge the enduring impact of women.

  • Shop Made in DC, under the vision of Stacey Price and Michael Babin, champions the city’s creative spirits with a collection spanning over 200 makers, offering everything from art to home décor, all proudly bearing the Made in DC seal.
  • The culinary landscape is enriched by innovators like Brianna Keefe with her ventures Toastique, Chopsmith, and Fat Fish, each embodying a dedication to fresh, sustainable, and locally sourced dining experiences that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions.
  • Jamie Leeds of Hank’s Oyster Bar has been a trailblazer in fostering a sense of community, mentorship, and sustainability within the culinary world, proving that dedication to one’s craft and values can create lasting success and influence.

As we navigate through Washington, D.C., it’s clear that the city’s heartbeat is synchronized with the rhythms of women’s accomplishments and cultural contributions, creating a rich tapestry that makes the capital a perennial favorite for those who travel with purpose and passion.