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Vivid Cayman – A Leather Collection by Laudi Vidni

Custom Collection Designed by Chicago-based, Luxury Leather Goods Retailer is Inspired by the Unique Colors and Hues of the Caribbean Destination

Photo Credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) today announced its partnership with custom leather goods brand, Laudi Vidni on a unique line of leathers inspired by the destination. As a locale recognized internationally for sweeping cerulean blue seas, white-sand beaches, exotic wildlife, breathtaking vistas and warm hospitality, the Cayman Islands itself serves as the perfect muse for this collection featuring exquisite and vibrantly colored leathers. “Vivid Cayman – A Leather Collection by Laudi Vidni” features four distinct leather shades that can be used to customize variety of products – from stylish handbags and wallets to functional travel items and tech accessories. Pieces customized and purchased via laudividni.com will be sure to satisfy any traveler’s wanderlust. 

“As a luxury lifestyle destination synonymous with barefoot elegance, we are thrilled to unveil the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection in partnership with Laudi Vidni,” said Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands. “The colors selected for this collaboration truly capture the natural beauty of our picturesque destination, including our breathtaking sunsets, exotic wildlife and colorful coral reefsWe are thrilled to give our guests a stylish piece of Cayman to use in their everyday lives.” 

The ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection features four distinct colors that evoke the relaxation, elegance, warmth, magnificence, and the spirituality of the Cayman Islands:

Photo Credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
  • Alluring Cayman: a vibrant orange red shade on buttery soft pebble grain leather signifies the welcoming spirit of the Cayman Islands. From the warmth radiating from locals and visitors alike, this approach to life is affectionately known as Caymankind.
  • Captivating Cayman: a rich, warm, enduring caramel-hued suede imitates the uniquely soft texture of a tropical starfish and provides a calming balance to the collection reminiscent of Cayman’s natural wonders – from Crystal Caves and Owen Island to the mighty bluffs of Cayman Brac.
  • Enchanting Cayman: an iconic teal, imported from Italy, this color is not only found in the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, but also captures the magnificence of Cayman’s well-known Blue Iguana. Unlike the nation’s beloved reptile, this creamy, pebbled leather bag is strikingly durable and begs to be touched.
  • Mystical Cayman: a deep metallic plum made of shimmery soft pebble grain leather is inspired by the subtle edges of brilliant sunsets, sunlit coral reefs, and the petals of orchids found in Cayman. Softly pebbled for durability and sumptuous to the touch, this final hue captures the complete essence of the destination.

“The Cayman Islands is a favored vacation destination among well-travelled, fashion savvy visitors that have a penchant for the highest quality goods and services,” said Hon. Kenneth V. Bryan, Minister for Tourism and Transport. “This partnership between the Cayman Islands and Laudi Vidni represents a perfect blending of the bespoke individuality and style that are characteristic to both the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection and the Cayman Islands vacation experience.” 

Photo Credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

“Our name Laudi Vidni is the word ‘individual’ spelled backwards,” said Laura Kofoid, Co-Founder and CEO of Laudi Vidni. “For a decade, our custom-made bags and accessories have encouraged humans of all stripes to show the world their true identity. We are thrilled to expand that ethos to the Cayman Islands with a responsible leather collection that captures all that is one-of-a-kind to the destination – the emotional depth and magical hues that are uniquely and authentically Cayman.”

Fashion and travel lovers alike are able to explore the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection by visiting www.laudividni.com/pages/vividcayman