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Voluntourism & Mission Trips to East Africa

Exploring Voluntourism & Mission Trips In East Africa

Blend your love for travel with a heart for giving back to the places you visit through voluntourism. This unique approach allows you to support volunteer organizations financially and lend a helping hand while enjoying your holiday. Ideal for short-term volunteer holidays, voluntourism offers an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, even in a limited timeframe. If you crave adventure and want to immerse yourself in a new culture while contributing to a worthy cause, voluntourism is the perfect choice. With the flexibility to explore and volunteer part-time, you’ll have ample time to explore the rich tapestry of your destination’s culture and attractions. You may wish to join a mission trip to East Africa and discover the region’s breathtaking beauty while making a sustainable impact as a volunteer. Despite the brevity of your volunteer program, your dedication will still leave a lasting mark on the local community.   

With its vibrant culture, rich arts scene, and awe-inspiring landscapes, East Africa is a sought-after destination for volunteers. Whether your passion lies in healthcare in Tanzania, construction projects in Kenya, teaching opportunities in Zanzibar, or wildlife conservation in South Africa, Inclusive Holidays Africa offers tailored volunteer programs to suit your interests. Don’t hesitate any longer – join one of our diverse mission trips to East Africa and experience firsthand the beauty and diversity of this remarkable region!

Discover Volunteer & Mission Opportunities


Kenya offers a unique chance to indulge in traditional Maasai culture, explore national parks teeming with wildlife, and support important causes. Contribute to protecting endangered species such as giraffes and lions and conservation and rhinos through wildlife rescue projects, including the popular elephant orphanage program.

If humanitarian projects inspire you, Kenya has a variety of opportunities across the country in need of skilled, long-term volunteers to assist with childcare in schools and churches. From bustling Nairobi to remote villages, you can choose where your volunteer work in Kenya takes you!


Explore Tanzania, a land of captivating contrasts: from Dar es Salaam’s vibrant city to Arusha’s rural beauty nestled among indigenous Maasai villages. Experience diverse landscapes, from deserts to lush grasslands teeming with African wildlife and marine life along the stunning coastline. Tanzania truly offers it all!

Those passionate about scuba diving should consider joining a marine conservation project along the breathtaking coast of Zanzibar. If you’re skilled and experienced in childcare, numerous children’s homes in Tanzania warmly welcome your assistance. And if your heart beats for animals, lend a hand in caring for Tanzania’s street dogs and shower them with love during your volunteer journey in East Africa!


Experience the exotic beauty of this archipelago while supporting the local community. Just off Tanzania’s coast, Zanzibar is one of Africa’s treasures, with its white sandy beaches, palm trees, and rich marine life including sea turtles, dolphins, and whales.
If you enjoy working with children, you can teach at a local school and share your knowledge with the students. For scuba diving enthusiasts, use your diving skills to participate in a Dolphin and Marine Conservation project, helping to protect endangered coral reefs and native marine life in Zanzibar.

South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa to experience the diverse hues of the ‘Rainbow Nation.’ Visit vibrant, multicultural cities and make a difference by supporting underprivileged children in the townships of Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you have a knack for languages, teaching English at local schools is an ideal way to contribute.

Prefer the tranquility of nature over bustling cities? Explore the endless plains and plateaus, home to South Africa’s iconic wildlife. There’s something for everyone, from breathtaking coastlines with pristine beaches to abundant marine life—volunteer with South African elephants, big cats, rhinos, great white sharks, and more. Countless opportunities await, and we’re eager to guide you through your volunteering journey in South Africa.

Cape Town

Volunteer in Cape Town to explore South Africa’s “Mother City” in a unique way. Known for its vibrant urban life, cultural diversity, and iconic Table Mountain, the city faces challenges, particularly in its townships, where many residents experience severe poverty.

Here’s where you can make a difference! By volunteering in Cape Town, you can offer support to local communities. If you are passionate about community service, you can teach English at schools, assist in hospitals, or contribute to one of the many South African childcare homes seeking skilled volunteers. Additionally, you can help children or support South Africa’s Legal Aid System. The choice is yours!