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Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting in the Airport

Booking a holiday can be equal parts exciting and stressful. There are a lot of different things to consider, and you need to ensure the planning process goes smoothly. If you’re booking a holiday that involves air travel, one of the things you should be looking at is how long you’ll be spending at the airport. In most cases, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few hours. However, journeys that require changes at multiple airports can be a bit of a nightmare.


Ideally, you should look to avoid these when planning your holiday. However, it’s not always possible. In cases where long stays in an airport are unavoidable, you should instead plan how you’re going to spend that time. Airports can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to them, but there’s actually a lot you can do. In this article, we’ll share some tips on things you can do to pass the time.

Betting on Your Mobile

It’s rare to see anyone go anywhere without their smartphone or tablet these days. These devices are the perfect travel companion, providing directions, helping to translate, and looking up the best hotels. Aside from all the practical reasons to bring your mobile device, they’re also a lot of fun. Most people use their smartphones for entertainment, and it’s also possible to bet on all the latest sports.

Sports betting in Virginia is more popular than ever, thanks to mobile betting apps. These allow you to sign up, make a deposit, and start placing real money wagers on all major sporting action. You can bet on the NFL, NBA, and any other leagues and competitions around the world. It’s certainly a great way to pass the time, though you should always bet responsibly.

Go Shopping

Modern airports are basically shopping malls. While shopping in person might have died out in many places, it’s still alive and well in airports thanks to the great deals and range of stores on offer. In many cases, you can enjoy tax-free shopping at airports, although you should check the rules to see how this works and whether you need to claim back any taxes once you return home.

Whether you want to bag some souvenirs for your friends and loved ones or you’re shopping for some new clothes, there are always lots of opportunities. In addition, most airports offer luggage stores and other shops related to travel, perfect for when you end up with too many shopping bags.

Try Some New Foods

Aside from shops, airports bring you the mall experience by offering a tonne of different places to eat. Best of all, these are normally all open 24 hours. In other words, no matter what time you’re waiting, you can also grab something to eat. Most airports have all the usual fast food options, but you can normally find some great chains and even fine dining experiences too.

Filling up at the airport means you won’t have to rely on the catering options on the plane, which can often miss the mark. Because you have far more options at the airport, it makes sense to find a place that caters to your tastes and dietary needs.

Planning Your Trip

While you may have done a lot of planning already, waiting around at the airport gives you a bit more time to make sure everything is organized. Check out the reviews of your hotel, look for places you can explore as soon as you land, and get everything in place to ensure you have a great trip.