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Wellness Holiday at The Farm at San Benito

Today, we start fresh on a canvas of a new year. It’s an opportune time to restart and begin a journey of renewal and optimal well-being.

Guests seeking an authentic transformative experience would surely enjoy The Farm’s 4- night, 5-day detox; a program that stays true to The Farm’s original healing paradigms, providing guests with the most complete detoxification from toxic elements in the body and life-draining energies.

Supported by colon cleansing, guided juice fasts, nutritional enrichment, yoga and fitness sessions, therapeutic spa treatments, and more, guests undergo deep cellular healing, renewing them from within, and helping them regain youthful energy.

The Farm’s team of health professionals will create a specialized program that combines specific integrative medical services and holistic treatments based on a guest’s state of health. For those with health issues, a 6-night health optimization program at The Farm is highly recommended.


Indulge in royal splendor and opulent details. Experience a seamless blend of timeless design and contemporary luxury in every corner. The Farm is proud to announce the grand arrival of our latest offering – elevate your stay to unparalleled heights with this new addition: the Isla Royal Villas.