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Wellness in the Himalayas: Upcoming Himalayan Resort & Spa

Mountains and low clouds at sunrise in Nepal

Imagine waking up to the gentle pink morning sunrise, with the distinctive Himalayan mountains rearing up above the clouds accompanied by the melodious symphony of Himalayan birdsong. This is the captivating morning experience that awaits you at Kunda Himalayan Resort & Spa, an upcoming 2024 sanctuary perched at an altitude of 3,030 meters in the remote foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal.

Inspired By Nature

Pumori Journeys is committed to delivering luxurious and enriching experiences while embodying the warm hospitality intrinsic to Nepali culture. In line with this ethos, Pumori Journyes is constructing a high-end luxury resort and spa, Kunda Himalayan Resort & Spa, in the Mt. Everest Himalayan region.

Immersed in the majestic embrace of the Himalayas, Kunda Himalayan Resort & Spa is a testament to a holistic commitment—from its inception through construction to daily operations—dedicated to empowering the environment and uplifting local communities.

The architecture is intentionally minimalistic, mirroring the natural contours of the mountains. We employ low-impact construction methods, engaging skilled local artisans and using locally sourced materials to minimize disruption to the surroundings. The design is a blend of local art with a modern touch, creating an aesthetic that balances tradition and contemporary style. It showcases that luxury and sustainability can seamlessly coexist. We provide an immersive experience, where cultural richness meets luxurious comfort. At Kunda, luxury and nature coexist seamlessly, making your stay is a cultural gateway.

The Experience Awaits You

For those in pursuit of luxury and solace amid the remote Himalayas, Kunda Himalayan Resort & Spa emerges as a vision of high-end exclusivity. The ethos of Kunda reflects the intrinsic Nepali hospitality, promising authentic and luxurious experiences. Each secluded dome villa offer private panoramic views of the Mt. Everest Himalayan Mountain range. The spa, a cornerstone of the resort, invites guests on a transformative wellness journey with massage treatments harnessing the healing properties of local herbs and oils. Rejuvenating programs, inspired by the Himalayas, align the body’s rhythm with the natural world, fostering a profound connection with nature while promoting mindfulness.

The restaurant, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of rolling hills with Mt. Everest gracing the horizon, offers a menu celebrating Himalayan flavors. Crafted from organic, locally-sourced produce, each dish promises a gastronomic journey that is both refined and sustainable.

As a beacon of holistic well-being and opulent seclusion, Kunda Himalayan Resort & Spa beckons you to embark on a stay that rejuvenates the spirit, inspires the mind, and treads gently on the earth. The countdown to its unveiling has commenced, ushering in the anticipation of a retreat that epitomizes the pinnacle of Himalayan luxury.

For further information on experiential holidays in Nepal: pumorijourneys.com.

For further information about Kunda Himlayan Resort & Spa: kundahimalayanresort.com.