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Yoga Instructor Alex Kaufmann Shares That Yoga Is for Every Body

Alex Kaufmann
Alex Kaufmann

The world is changing daily, and people are taking the time to look after their families, work on their jobs and help their neighbors. Still, they are also growing as individuals and understanding the importance of taking time for themselves. Alex Kaufmann, also known as Bahayogi on social media platforms, is committed to helping people realize that Yoga can play an essential role in their self-care regimenNot only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Alex, a mother who lives in The Bahamas, travels the world, teaching yoga classes and workshops and hosting yoga retreats supported by her half-million Instagram followers.

Alex’s highly sought-after classes and yoga retreats have drawn people from all over the globe to luxury venues in Greece, The United States, St. Lucia, and Jamaica, to name a few. Her platform exudes body confidence, gratitude for life, and living in your power. Alex’s tagline, “More practice, less ego,” speaks to the never-ending journey of exploring oneself– mind, body, and soul– without judgment. “The consistent message I want to share is that Yoga is for everyBODY– regardless of size, color, creed, gender– and your yoga mat awaits you to begin your journey. You will be surprised at what you discover,” says Alex. 

Her current schedule includes yoga retreats that encompass the importance of self-love and exploration mixed with adventure and cultural immersion. She also displays lifestyle content via her social media platforms to inspire others to live as authentically as possible. Her upcoming ventures include a size-inclusive swimwear line and an online platform to increase accessibility to Yoga. “For me, being an entrepreneur is about holding and creating space for others to embrace the best version of themselves on and off the yoga mat,” stated Alex. “I aim to strive for representation, authenticity, and inclusivity.”

When she isn’t teaching Yoga, she is the founder of Baharoots, a small collective unearthed in the recent pandemic that showcases her newfound love for gardening. Baharoots focuses on self-sustainability through growing food to ensure food safety and assisting others in finding their green thumb and reducing their ecological footprint. 

Alex’s upcoming classes include:
An line course, “Journey To Splits II, on May 4, 2022

Stretch, Flex & Yoga on July 30, 2022, at the Bronx Yoga Lab

Vibe & Flow – Yoga Retreats
Tobago June 10 and 15, 2022 
The Dominican Republic July 7-11, 2022
Greece August 21-28, 2022

To register for these retreats, please go to https://www.bahayogi.com/retreats