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What Cities in Australia Are Best for Gambling Breaks?

Photo by John Schnobrich

Australia has several cities that are good destinations for people who are looking to enjoy the best gambling experiences this country has to offer. These cities provide tourists and locals with the best casinos in Australia, along with captivating sights where visitors can make new, unforgettable memories. However, those who don’t have the time or money to travel to these destinations, or perhaps simply prefer to stay home, can still enjoy their favorite games at the newest online casinos in Australia. Casino and sports betting expert Johnathan Askew shares that the sheer amount of games players may find at new online sites can be staggering, which might be one of the reasons online gaming is growing in popularity. So, whether you’re traveling to Australia or wagering online, there are options for everyone. 

Let’s see which cities in Australia offer the best gambling experiences.

The best city for people looking for a gambling vacation in Australia is definitely Sydney, which also has many amazing attractions travelers must see. One of these famous landmarks is the Sydney Opera House and the scenic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Travelers can also visit the city’s hidden gem locations, such as Wendy’s Secret Garden, which is a tranquil oasis visitors can find in Lavender Bay. However, a site that is a must-see for gambling enthusiasts is the Star Sydney Casino.

The Star Sydney Casino, which used to be called Star City Casino, is the second biggest casino in Australia, but it isn’t the only gambling destination in this city. Bettors can also play at the cruise casinos available in Sydney and enjoy slot games at the City Tattersalls Club. However, what has drawn many players to the Star Sydney Casino is that it offers over 300 hotel rooms, three restaurants, a bar, and two gaming floors. On these gaming floors, patrons can enjoy over 150 table games and over 1,500 slot games.

Melbourne is another outstanding city that gambling enthusiasts can visit, as it also boasts one of the best gambling experiences in Australia. What makes Melbourne one of the best destinations for a gambling vacation is that it has not only the biggest casino in Australia but also the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere, known as the Crown Casino. At this casino, visitors can stay at any of three skyscraper hotels that have over 1500 rooms in total and play at any of the 540 card tables and the 2500 poker machines.

Besides this casino, visitors can also enjoy other tourist attractions in this city, such as the plethora of restaurants, laser tag arenas, and bowling alleys available in this city. However, for those who want tranquility amidst the buzz of this city, the privacy of wagering online at anonymous casinos from your hotel room and the Royal Botanic Gardens can be excellent options.

Another outstanding option for travelers looking for superb gambling experiences in Brisbane. This city is about to host the Treasury Casino in August this year, and many gambling enthusiasts have been waiting with anticipation for its launch as it’s said that it’s going to be a world-class gaming venue. However, Brisbane also has other entertainment options that bettors can enjoy, such as harness racing venues and racecourses.