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What is the Famous Market in Florence and What to Buy In It?

Photo by Maegan White

The city of Florence is steeped in so much history that the most astonishing trinkets and treasures crop up at even the most commonplace local markets. In addition to arts and culture, these markets offer a wealth of bargains of every description.

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Mercato Centrale (Central Market)

The main Florence Italy market, the Mercato Centrale, is housed in a 19th-century glass and iron market hall and sells fresh local produce. It largely caters to the nearby restaurants in the neighborhood restaurants and a few locals, so if you want to get the best quality produce, you need to wake up even earlier than they do!

The ground floor of the Central Market building houses butchers and fishmongers, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables. Local olive oils, cheeses and meats are also on sale in small specialty shops. Top-quality truffle honey or oil, balsamic vinegar, and extra-virgin olive oil can be found here, too. Plus, popular gifts for travelers to take back home.

One level up from the ground floor market is a gourmet food court offering meals prepared with the market’s produce. Just what you need to refresh yourself after all that hard bargaining in the central market Florence Italy!

San Lorenzo Outdoor Market

In the streets and squares directly adjacent to the central market Florence Italy, San Lorenzo is the original leather market. To find quality goods, and to find bargain prices, be ready to search carefully through the merchandise, and haggle with the vendors.

Hundreds of stalls line the streets on both sides, selling all kinds of souvenirs, pottery, stationery, and lots of leather goods. Don’t be too quick to buy: first, look carefully through all the jackets, belts, wallets, and bags before deciding what you need. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t despair because many stall owners have additional stock in the nearby warehouses.

The prices and quality of the goods at the main Florence Italy market range widely. If the price of any item seems unrealistic, it probably is! Many vendors take a chance and see whether they can make an extra profit from selling to unwary tourists. However, haggling over prices is customary, so there’s no need to accept a price that seems unreasonable.

Final Word

It’s very often found that the best parts of a city aren’t the parts displayed to tourists. They’re the small, hidden gems that only the locals know about. For this reason, the best advice for anyone who’s after an authentic Italian experience is: don’t pick a touristy neighborhood to stay in! The Mercato Centrale or the San Lorenzo may be the most popular Florence Italy market, but always look out for smaller, local markets, too.