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What You Should Know About Surfing Before Heading Out in the Ocean

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Surfing can be a fun yet intimidating hobby. You’ve probably seen plenty of videos online with people catching massive waves. It looks extremely fun but scary. If you want to get into surfing there are a few things that you should know. Not only will it help you learn the sport faster, but it will also keep you safe in the water. Here are some things that you should know about surfing before heading out into the ocean.

Don’t Worry About Learning At the Start

When it comes to trying something new, people are always afraid. They don’t want to come across as a beginner or an amateur. People also feel this way when it comes to surfing. One of the most important things to remember is that it doesn’t matter what type of board, skill level, or wetsuit you have. Everyone out there is just glad to see another surfer. If you really want to go about learning the sport quickly, you can go about taking surf lessons as well. 

Where can you go about doing this? Cities like Santa Baraba in California for example have fantastic beaches with many great waves to ride. You can also check out a surf school in Santa Barbara to help kickstart your journey. They will help you learn the basics of surfing and have you standing and riding on your board in no time. Never worry about how you first look while you are learning, the surfers out there understand that everyone was a beginner once. Just get out there, have some fun and catch some waves.

Avoid Surfing in The Early Afternoon

Peak hours to surf are generally in the morning and the late afternoon. Why is this the case? The sun is something that should be taken very seriously and you can catch a mean sunburn if you try surfing at noon. While sunscreen will help, because you are in the water the whole time, it is not as effective as you might think. Even the best waterproof sunscreens can only do so much if you are surfing. Lather up no matter what time you are planning to go surfing, but try to stick to hours that will keep you safe from the sun.

Learn to Duck Dive First

One of the first things people try to do when surfing is standing up. This is actually not one of the first skills you should be trying to learn. To be able to catch waves, you first have to be able to get under it, and then emerge just in front of it. This process is called duck diving. You dive with your board under the water, and when you come up, you will be able to ride the wave. Get the hang of this motion before you even try to stand. This will allow you to catch a lot more waves than you normally would and will kickstart your learning.

Don’t Be Afraid Of the Waves

When it comes to catching waves, there is some etiquette that has to be followed, but at the same time, you shouldn’t shy away from getting some action. Depending on how busy the ocean is, there might be a “line” of surfers. It will not be a formal line, but it is an understanding of which people are going to be catching the next waves. Beginners often shy away here and let others pass them. The more waves you can catch, the better you will get. 

A lot of beginner surfers also tend to look for perfect waves and don’t attempt to catch them unless it is just right. Throwing yourself into conditions that are not ideal will allow you to adapt to anything that is thrown your way. Getting a perfect wave is rare, so don’t sit around waiting. Catch waves and get experience, but follow surfing etiquette and don’t crowd the water.

It’s Better With Friends

Surfing is one of those sports that is very frustrating to learn at first. It can be extremely difficult to catch waves properly, and even then standing up is a whole other story. By bringing friends with you, you can make the process more enjoyable. All the frustration of surfing will go away by having some friends that can laugh along with you. It will make learning that much more enjoyable, and it will keep you sane as well even if you fail repeatedly.

These are all things that you should know about surfing before heading out into the ocean. Be patient when learning surfing, and remember that everyone started out as a beginner. With enough hard work, you’ll soon be catching massive ways out in the ocean. Where do you want to go surfing?


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