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Why Mexico is the ultimate holiday destination

For some people, Mexico is the ideal location when it comes to playing golf given the range of top courses in the country, while for others it’s a nation that is capable of providing them with a much-needed period of rest. Mexico is essentially able to cater for a variety of different holiday types.

A country in the southern portion of North America, Mexico is a popular holiday destination that has been attracting visitors for a good while now. For honeymooners, options like the Maldives are mightily appealing, while the opportunity to explore major cities like Mexico City is hard to turn down for people craving an adventure. A fascinating country that is capable of providing you with an unforgettable vacation away, let’s take a look at why many consider Mexico as the ultimate holiday destination.

Mexican food is delicious

Wherever you are in the world, Mexican cuisine is popular. For example, London offers a range of Mexican restaurants that receive glowing reviews. While these options are solid, you can’t quite beat sampling Mexican food in the country it originates from. Mexican cuisine is far more than just tacos either, with a range of delicious delights being served up throughout the country. For example, seafood on the Pacific coast in Sinaloa is well worth trying, while Mexico City’s wide variety of street food is delicious, too.

Mexican hospitality is unrivaled

Although people might be put off by the country’s cartels that are seen in hit shows like Narcos and through games like the entertaining Wild Chapo 2, a fiery Mexican-style release offering plenty of bandito adventures, Mexican hospitality is truly amazing. Wherever you go, the locals will be pleased to see you. Even if your Spanish isn’t the best, people are happy to guide you in the right direction and allow you to explore their beloved country in more detail. Mexicans are very proud people, making them happy that you chose to visit their glorious nation.

Mexican music is excellent

Whether you’re keen to dance the night away in a nightclub or you’re wanting to listen to some traditional Mexican music over dinner, Mexicans adore music. The traditional music in the country is particularly diverse, with far more options than the stereotypical mariachi bands doing the rounds. Wherever you are in the country, you’re likely to be exposed to an extensive selection of toe-tapping Mexican classics.

Mexico is cheap

While some high-end resorts in places like the Maldives can cost a lot of money, on the whole, Mexico is ideal for travelers on a budget. An affordable destination compared to many others, you’ll certainly get plenty of bang for your buck throughout Mexico. From food and drink to souvenirs, Mexico isn’t an expensive country to frequent at all. In fact, there are numerous bargains to be had throughout the nation, with people visiting it from all over the world due to the strong exchange rates they’re likely to get there. Without breaking the bank, you can have an unforgettable trip to Mexico.

Mexico’s beaches are some of the best

Once you’ve finished exploring major cities like Tijuana, sipped tequila, and watched an authentic Lucha Libre fight, then you might fancy switching off and topping up your tan on one of Mexico’s pristine beaches. Not only will you be able to soak up the sun on these stunning beaches, but you can also enjoy water-based activities and even go whale watching or surfing. From Tulum and Cancun to the Maldives and the waters of Baja California, Mexico’s beach offering is among the very best in the world. For beach-dwellers, it’s a must.