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Why Travelling by Train is Better than Flying

If you’re looking to travel a long distance, whether it’s for a summer holiday or a business trip, then you’ll have several modes of transport to choose from. You might take advantage of the rail network, or you can hop onto an aeroplane.

While the second of these options might be faster and more convenient, there’s reason to think that the first should be the default choice for most travellers. Let’s look at some of the advantages of train travel, and why you should be using it.

Benefits of Travelling by Train


When you’re travelling by train, you’ll start and end your journey in an airport. Since airports are far from the centre of the city you’ll be travelling to, this means spending time and money on transfers. By contrast, train stations are right in the middle of the town or city you’re travelling to, which means that you might conceivably travel with just a single form of transport (other than walking). You can get on at London King’s Cross Station, for example, and disembark in just about any city in Europe.


When you’re going through a train station, you don’t need to subject yourself to anywhere near the same level of security checks. You don’t have to arrive several hours in advance, and you aren’t quite as vulnerable to delays.

The environment

This is a concern that more and more of us are having. Aviation is a major contributor to carbon emissions, and a driver of climate change. By contrast, a passenger train is enormously efficient, per mile travelled per passenger. This was the conclusion of research commissioned by Eurostar, which found that travelling by train rather than flying cuts per-passenger emissions by an incredible 90%.

Dining Options

If you’re travelling by train, then you’ll tend to enjoy superior dining options. What’s more, you’ll be at greater liberty to bring along your own food. You won’t get any of the restrictions that come with flying, and you’ll be able to take your favourite thermos flask along with you.


Trains tend to come with WiFi coverage, wheras it’s the exception on planes. This means that you’ll be able to participate in Zoom calls, answer emails, and enjoy streaming video content while you’re travelling. It’s a great choice if you want to keep children entertained, too.


You’ll find that it’s easier to take larger items of luggage onto a train. You won’t have to worry about being hit with an extra bill if your belongings are found to be too big, and you won’t have to shift your stuff from one bag to another in order to meet the requirements.

Pets and Bikes

Taking a dog or a bicycle onto a plane is a monumental hassle. The same isn’t so in the case of a train. As such, they’re a natural choice if you’re going on an active holiday with your family pet.