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Why You Should Not Miss To Visit The BB King Museum

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If you’re a fan of the Blues, Mississippi has one attraction for you – The BB King Museum. Unlike other museums, this place has so much to offer, especially for the fans of Blues music. Here are some of the things that await you.

Get a Peek of the Blues History

Mississippi has so many museums to offer. But what makes BB King Museum one of the best places to visit in Mississippi is how it lets you get a glimpse of how Blues music started up until how it became popular. The museum lets you travel back in time through the shows that it features in its very own theatre.

Through this, you can see how the Blues started in the state. You can also get a closer look at the life of the famous singer BB King. And you can see and feel as if you were there when it all started, thanks to its theatre’s latest high-definition projection and audio technology.

See BB King’s Private Collection

Your journey through the history of the music genre and BB King’s life doesn’t merely stop after watching shows in the museum’s theatre. Apparently, BB King Museum also has exhibits that showcase the popular late singer’s private collection.

Here, you can get a peek at his Grammys, Lucille guitars, as well as photographs of him and his well-known friends in the industry, BB King Museum also houses memorabilia from his concerts, such as posters and even the outfits he wore, to name a few. All this will all give you a peek at his personality, career, and everything in between.

Be Inspired

One of the best things that make BB King Museum worth it is how it gives every visitor more inspiration. Because aside from the glitz and glamor of the famous late singer, the museum also lets you have a peek even at his struggles back when he was starting out.

The museum even starts with his early life when he would spend his days on the sharecropping farm. The journey will also take you to the time when he started performing with gospel singers that later led to the start of his musical career, which will inspire you more to follow your dreams.

Interactive Exhibit

BB King Museum doesn’t only have a collection of the late singer’s collection. It turns out, the museum also has interactive exhibits that allow every visitor to feel more of what it’s like to be in the singer’s shoes even just for a bit, which makes the attraction all the more worth visiting.

One of the favorites among the interactive exhibits is the guitar simulator. Here, you will definitely feel what it’s like to be a musician. The best part of it is that you can even record your own blues, which lets everyone learn more about the music industry.

Enjoy Live Music

Aside from the displays showcasing the colorful life of BB King and the rise of the Blues in Mississippi, the museum also lets you enjoy live music for free. Plus, you can enjoy delicious Delta food and some drinks from the cash bar.

However, if you want to enjoy the live music at the museum, you must carefully plan your visit. This is because the live event is only held every first Thursday of the month. Also, the live performance starts at 7 PM.

So, if you want to witness such an amazing performance after your museum tour, make sure to plan your visit well. Don’t worry, all the planning will be worth it.

More Events

The museum always has something to look forward to, aside from its exhibits and collections. In fact, if you visit this month, you can also join a book talk for free. Moderated by Bobby Rush, an American Blues musician, you will learn more about the industry and also get to know the musician better.

The BB King Museum often holds different events every month. So, if you want to know what awaits you on your visit, you can keep an eye on its events calendar. One thing is for sure, though, for every event, you will go home full of knowledge about the genre and the industry, which, of course, is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Mississippi.

Mississippi is filled to the brim with various attractions. But, among all of those, one of the spots you shouldn’t miss adding to your travel itinerary is the BB King Museum. It has many things to offer that will help you get to know the musical side of the state.