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Why You Should Seek Legal Help After a Flatbed Truck Accident

Flatbed trucks are an integral part of the economy. They move freight that can’t be moved by an ordinary dry van trailer. Unfortunately, like other vehicles, flatbed trailers are prone to accidents – some of which involve multiple vehicles and cause massive property damage.

The sheer cost of repairing or replacing a flatbed trailer, coupled with the injuries and damages sustained after an accident, is enough to disrupt anyone’s life. That’s why it’s always advisable to seek legal help after a flatbed truck accident.

With an experienced attorney by your side, your chances of getting compensated for any injuries and damages are significantly higher. You also stand a chance of maximizing your payout.

This article will dive into the importance of seeking legal help after a flatbed truck accident, including some tips on the steps to take after the accident.

What Constitutes a Flatbed Truck Accident?

A flatbed truck accident refers to any incident or collision involving a commercial truck. These accidents can occur on various roads, including highways and city streets, and often involve multiple vehicles due to the trucks’ enormous size and inability to stop promptly.

Some of the biggest contributing factors to flatbed truck accidents include the following:

● Mechanical failure

● Driver error

● Improper loading

● Bad weather

● Hazardous driving conditions

Why Are Flatbed Truck Accident Cases So Complex?

Personal injury cases involving flatbed truck accidents are quite complex. These complexities arise from various factors, including state and federal regulations. In most cases, these accidents involve multiple parties who may share liability. In such cases, you have to hold each party responsible for the crash, thus adding to your burden of proof.

When determining liability in a flatbed truck accident, you must first identify the liable parties and create a clear record of subsequent damages. Although the truck driver often bears primary liability, other parties may also share responsibility for the crash. These can include:

● The trucking company

● Maintenance service providers

● Government entities responsible for road maintenance

● Manufacturers of defective parts

● Cargo loaders

Given the sheer amount of evidence and documentation required to pursue a successful personal injury claim, it pays to have an experienced truck accident lawyer to guide you through the process.

That said, you first have to ensure your safety immediately after the crash to avert further injuries and damages.

What Should You Do After Getting Hurt in a Flatbed Truck Accident?

Here’s what to do if you get hurt in an accident involving a flatbed truck:

Call the Police

Most state laws require you to report any accident to the police. For instance, in Huston, any driver involved in an accident within city limits resulting in property damage in excess of $1,000 is required to report the accident to the police within 24 hours of the occurrence.

Calling the police after an accident also comes in handy later on when you’re pursuing a personal injury case since the ensuing investigations create the first documentation for the case.

Take and Preserve Evidence From the Scene

You should always do whatever you can to document the scene after an accident. This involves everything from taking pictures of the scene, talking to witnesses, and obtaining CCTV recordings of the accident.

Once you have these crucial pieces of evidence in hand, you should keep them safe as they will come in handy later on when proving liability.

Seek Medical Attention

If you or anyone else involved in the accident has serious or life-threatening injuries, you should seek medical attention right away. This is true even for cases where you don’t have any apparent injuries. A recent NCBI study found that nearly 50% of people who sustain internal bleeding or organ damage after a car accident die within 30 minutes after the accident.

This fact alone necessitates seeking medical attention, even if you don’t see any superficial injuries. Seeking medical attention also creates immediate documentation for your injuries, making them easier to prove in a personal injury case.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney?

One of the greatest misconceptions accident victims have is thinking they can pursue a personal injury case successfully on their own. While you may have all the necessary evidence to prove liability, you may lack the experience to negotiate with insurance companies and argue your case.

An experienced truck accident attorney can help you:

Conduct a Thorough Investigation

After taking your case, one of the first things a truck accident lawyer does is conduct a thorough investigation. This involves everything from gathering important documentation like police reports, accident scene photographs, and witness statements. Your lawyer may also work with accident reconstruction experts to recreate a fairly accurate sequence of events to determine liability.

Identify Liable Parties

With the necessary evidence in hand, your lawyer can carefully examine all aspects of the accident to identify liable parties. Without an experienced lawyer, it is easy to overlook certain parties, which may hinder the success of your case.

Assess Damages

Truck accident lawyers have a wealth of experience in assessing damages. These can include economic damages like lost income and medical expenses to non-economic damages like emotional distress and pain and suffering.

File a Personal Injury Claim

After assessing your case and determining that you have a valid claim, your lawyer may file a personal injury claim on your behalf. They’ll also prove the at-fault party’s negligence and negotiate with insurance companies to advocate for fair compensation.

If the negotiations don’t push through, your lawyer may advise you to take the matter to court. In that case, they will represent you and provide valuable legal advice.

Flatbed truck accidents can have detrimental effects on your finances and quality of life. As such, you are entitled to fair compensation for any monetary loss, pain, and emotional suffering resulting from the accident.

To improve your chances of getting fair compensation, it is advisable to seek legal help from an experienced attorney. A lawyer will not only give you helpful legal advice but also negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get fairly compensated. They can also represent you in court if the case goes to trial.