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Win A Photography Expedition Cruise in The Arctic Circle

Secret Atlas is launching a Photography Competition

Secret Atlas is launching a Photography Competition aimed at helping budding photographers with a passion for conservation to enhance their portfolios by winning a place on an expedition cruise around Svalbard in the Arctic.

The small ship cruise specialist’s Our Polar Planet Photography Competition is intended to document the changes taking place in the polar regions, the people and wildlife that are being affected, and to tell the story of what needs to be done to preserve our natural world.

The prize for the lucky winner is an eight-day Arctic expedition cruise, departing in May 2023, which coincides with the Midnight Sun, giving photographers maximum daylight hours for capturing shots of this spectacular frozen region and its unique wildlife. 

As a bonus, the expedition will be joined by renowned photographer and filmmaker, Florian Ledoux, who will share his passion for conservation and years of experience photographing Svalbard, as well as mentoring the winner prior to the voyage.

In order to have a chance of winning this spectacular prize, up-and-coming photographers must have already begun to develop a portfolio of wildlife, nature and landscape photography, and be able to demonstrate a passion for raising climate awareness.  Photographers will be asked to show how the prize would help to enhance their portfolio.

Full details of the entry process and the prize can be found at Our Polar Planet Photography Competition

Secret Atlas’s photographic expedition micro cruises to Svalbard offer accommodation for just 12 passengers on board MV Explorer, a former Danish Maritime Authority polar vessel with ice-strengthened hull, which has been beautifully converted to offer five-star comfort.  Its small size and robust build allow it to venture into areas that are inaccessible to larger ships, giving greater opportunities for photographing sea ice, glaciers and wildlife such as polar bears, reindeer, Arctic foxes, walrus, blue and humpback whales and beluga at close quarters.