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World Expeditions Launches Two New Trekking Trips in Greenland

New for 2024, adventure travel specialist World Expeditions adds two treks to the remote Ammassalik fjords in East Greenland for summer 2024. It is ideal for anyone keen to get completely off the beaten track before more travelers add the destination to their wish list.

With three new airport projects currently in development, change is on the way for Greenland. Most visitors currently set foot on the world’s largest island as part of an Arctic cruise itinerary. Greenland is keen to capitalize on its geographical location between Europe and North America as part of its tourism plans to attract more international visitors. World Expeditions’ new trekking trips offer an immersive cultural experience in this magnificent region.

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Greenland’s sparsely populated East Coast is cooler and more remote than the more populated West Coast. This new trip takes you to the region’s capital, Tasilaq, as well as three more hard-to-reach communities, where you can learn about life in these vast expanses and the Inuit culture, which has made it possible to survive some of the most hostile conditions on Earth for thousands of years. During your trip, you will climb Kuummiit Mountain and Somandsfjeldet (Sailor’s Mountain) for dramatic views of the surrounding regions, sail among the icebergs in Sermilik fjord, and enjoy scenic walks across the islands of Ammassalik and Kulusuk.

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Trek into the deepest end of the Ammassalik fjord system in East Greenland, renowned for its towering granite mountains and spectacular glaciers that calve into the sea. There are no roads connecting towns and villages in Greenland, so boat transport is widely used to transport people to remote areas – and you will also do the same to reach the start of the trek! Further highlights include visiting Kuummiut, a small fishing and hunting village; learning about how the Inuit people have survived in this beautiful but hostile environment; seeing Greenland’s beautiful flora blooming; and spending the night at a mountain hut.

In addition to the new trips to Greenland, World Expeditions offers an extensive range of polar cruises to the European Arctic and the northernmost reaches of the North American mainland in Canada.