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10 New Car and Travel Trends

As the world gradually recovers from COVID-19, different sectors are on their way to making a significant rebound. The car and travel industries are among them. People want to spend their happiest moments on the road, even if it is just within their country. 

So, if you are among those who have been watching out as things unfold regarding car and travel, then here are the top 10 trends that will invigorate the industry: 

  1. 2022 Already Named the Year of the “GOAT”

If you thought the “GOAT” mindset applies only to superstars in various sports, you are wrong. Due to the ebbing of the deadly coronavirus strains, many travel enthusiasts have already named 2022 the year of “Greatest of All Trips” in their lifetime. Numbers tell it all and a lot will surely happen henceforth. 

As an illustration, a survey conducted in twelve different countries involving thousands of travelers revealed that many people are getting ready for their most prominent trips. Interestingly, more than 65% of those interviewed were planning their most extravagant trips for different seasons in 2022. With such stats, travel diaries will be busier for 2022 than they were before COVID-19. 

  1. Urgency to Buy a New Car and Hit the Road

Many people feel that they have lost two years due to travel restrictions that hindered free movement. So, there is some sense of urgency in buying new vehicles and planning road trips. Young people want to get time to relax after missing such opportunities. On the other hand, the old feel that they have a few years left to travel. Nobody wants to remain behind yet opportunities for adventure are coming back after two years of restrictions. 

Now, here is something for you. If you want to get out there and enjoy your time, you have to get the best car first and not just any available one. Remember, the kind of vehicle you use also determines the experience you will enjoy once you hit the road. Thankfully, you can easily find great deals such as those at honda dealership tampa anytime. 

  1. Demand for Local Travels and Smaller Groups 

Unlike in the past when people loved joining big groups or traveling with international agents, the latest travel trends reveal a little twist. Many people seem to have found some new love for local travels and preferably in personalized groups of just a few. 

Travel analysts argue that this new trend could be related to the happenings within the last two years. Possible reasons include challenges associated with changes in entry requirements, COVID-19 tests, accommodation, and others. That means family travels and booking of less than five are on hind demand this year. 

  1. Travelers Are Likely to Spend More in the Coming Seasons

A recent report by the World Travel and Tourism Council indicates that leisure travelers in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Canada, and Japan are likely to set aside a lot for spending. According to the report, many professionals, especially those who worked during the lockdown, saved their earnings. So, they are willing to spend more for leisure from now henceforth. 

Booking expenditures also show tremendous growth from the last two years. When it comes to actual costs, there are indications that travelers are willing to spend more than they would before the pandemic. The rise in demand for luxurious and quieter places explains it all. 

  1. Season of Family Reunions and Meetings With Friends 

Those who were away and had missed their family members and friends are planning vacations with them. People want to catch up and make up for the lost time. Most importantly, it is time to celebrate milestones that they did not mark due to various restrictions. 

  1. Increasing Popularity of Vegan-Friendly Cars

Vegan-friendly cars are continuing to enjoy rising popularity among travelers. The rise could be due to the push for sustainability and green options. Vegan cars use recycled materials in the interior instead of traditional leather. Some of the most trending vegan-friendly cars include:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-e
  • Tesla Model S
  • Range Rover Velar
  1. Demand for More Safety Features In Cars 

As people hit the road to enjoy their leisure time, there is a growing demand for more safety features, especially new cars. People want to be safe with their loved ones as they enjoy their good times. So, most safety features that people check include: 

  • Electronic stability control
  • Emergency braking systems 
  • Blindspot detection 
  • Lane departure warning system
  1. Increasing Demand for Professional Help 

For trips to new destinations, demand for professional help, especially in planning, is increasing. People seem to be comfortable using travel agents to ease travel challenges. While this is not a new thing, the level of demand currently exceeds the levels experienced before the pandemic struck and changed how people live and work globally. 

Essentially professional travel planners can be helpful in big trips. They often assist travelers in dealing with challenges associated with backup plans, visas, flights, accommodation, and others. But even local travelers can also help with many travel logistics that can be a headache for travelers. 

  1. Data Analytics and Mobile Integrations in New Cars

Buyers of new cars, especially those looking to use them for leisure or road trips prefer vehicles with data analytics systems of mobile integrations. Such systems collect and process data to offer the best suggestions regarding many aspects related to driving and safety. Such integrations can also help other parties. For instance, there are applications that:

  • Relay alerts in case of accidents 
  • Enhance smooth operation
  • Enable connectivity to the internet 
  • Predict maintenance
  1. Preference for Spacious Rentals Over Hotels 

Although restrictions regarding social distancing have eased, people seem to have found a new love for specious rentals over hotels. This trend is more common among those taking long vacations both within and far away from home. 

The willingness and readiness to accept spacious rentals could imply that people love keeping safe. In any case, the pandemic just subsided but did not go completely. So, safety remains critical for travelers and anyone interested in enjoying their time out. 


In conclusion, the recent trends in the new car and travel industry will spur development in car companies and those dealing with travel. Arguably people want to celebrate good moments that they missed during the pandemic. But they do not just want to compensate for the lost time. They want to do it with vehicles having the best technologies, and in places, they will live to reminisce!