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Drift Travel Magazine is an online publication that offers readers the latest news on travel destinations around the world. It also features articles about culture, history, and lifestyle.
cover of the new DRIFT travel magazine fall issue

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Fall 2022

Travel to Israel on an amazing culinary journey.  Hike to the top of the world in Bolivia.  Check out Tinkerbelle and Belle's favorite hotels. ...
DRIFT travel magazine spring summer issue

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Spring/Summer 2022

Explore Europe’s UNESCO World Heritage site. Ride the rail in the Canadian Rockies and visit Jasper with Erin Karpluk.  Discover luxury in South Africa,...

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Spring 2022

GOLF IN FRANCE’S LOIRE VALLEY - inside this issue | 14 countries & 38 must visit destinations. PLUS great new Travel Gear.

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Winter 2022

The start of a new year always brings hope for a better year to come. In this issue we look forward to so many...
Travel magazine Holiday 2021

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Holiday 2021

TRAVEL FOR THE HOLIDAYS - 15 countries to discover this winter journey to super natural New Zealand, ancient castles of Europe, magic of Morocco,...
Fall issue of DRIFT Travel magazine

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Fall 2021

Travel to the beautiful Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda, explore some amazing wine museums from around the work and trek across the Chilean...
cover photo of DRIFT Travel Magazine

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Summer 2021

Visit the beautiful Seychelles beaches, find exciting things to do on the Greek isle of Cofu and taste the Italian flavors of Emilia Romagna.

READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Spring/Summer 2021

From the lush landscapes of France and the blue oceans of the Spanish Med to the bustling streets and healing waters of Asia, this...

READ now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Spring 2021

Spring is with us and travel is on our minds.  Join us as we journey to Africa through the magical painting of Larry Norton. ...

DRIFT Travel Magazine Winter 2021

In this first issue of 2021, we invite you to imagine travel in new and interesting ways. Think of DRIFT as your inspiration guide,...