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10 Things to Do in Hampton Beach, NH

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Hampton Beach, NH offers a plethora of attractions suitable for all ages, making it a prime destination for both families and solo travelers. This charming beach town boasts a scenic coastline and a rich history, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable getaway. Whether you’re planning to soak up the sun on the pristine sands, indulge in fresh seafood, or explore historical sites, Hampton Beach has something to offer everyone.

Family-Friendly Activities

Hampton Beach, NH, is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and offers a plethora of activities that cater to families seeking both relaxation and adventure. The pristine sandy beach stretches for 1.35 miles and is accompanied by a vibrant boardwalk, ensuring plenty of space for beachside fun like swimming, kite flying, and volleyball. The area is bolstered by consistently high water quality, making it a safe and enjoyable spot for kids to play and explore.

For families looking for more structured activities, Hampton Beach State Park provides a variety of options. You can rent paddle boards and wetsuits, try parasailing or enjoy simpler pleasures like fishing and picnicking. The park is equipped with full hook-ups for RV camping, making it ideal for extended stays. 

Additionally, the Blue Ocean Discovery Center offers educational programs about marine life, complete with touch tanks that allow children to interact closely with marine creatures. These diverse offerings make Hampton Beach a dynamic destination that combines the natural beauty of the New England coastline with engaging, kid-friendly activities.

Beach and Water Activities

Hampton Beach, NH, is a hub for a variety of beach and water activities, making it an ideal destination for both leisure and adventure. The beach is known for its clean and well-maintained sands and is supervised by lifeguards to ensure safe swimming conditions. 

Despite the cooler water temperatures, which rarely exceed 70 degrees even in the warmest months, the beach offers numerous water-related activities like surfing, boogie boarding, and wading.

In addition to swimming, Hampton Beach State Park boasts a wide array of amenities, including picnic areas, RV camping with full hook-ups, and a visitor center with bathrooms and showers. 

The park is particularly accommodating to families and provides ample space for children to play and explore. For those looking for more action, there are opportunities for kayaking, parasailing, and whale watching, all of which provide unique ways to experience the scenic coastline.

Historical Attractions

Hampton Beach is steeped in a rich historical fabric that attracts both history enthusiasts and casual visitors looking to enrich their understanding of the area’s past. The Hampton Historical Society is central to this experience, offering a detailed glimpse into the town’s evolution from its earliest days to the present. 

Their collection, housed at the Tuck Museum, includes artifacts that span from the time of the first settlers to contemporary pieces that tell the story of Hampton’s development. The museum not only acts as a repository of the town’s history but also provides educational programs that bring this history to life for visitors of all ages.

Another historical highlight is the James House Museum, recognized as one of the earliest surviving examples of “first period” colonial architecture in New Hampshire. Built in 1723 for Benjamin James, the house offers a unique window into the architectural and daily living practices of the era. 

Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the James House hosts a collection of original artifacts and provides guided tours that illustrate a vivid picture of early American life. This site, along with the Hampton Historical Society, forms an essential part of the historical attractions at Hampton Beach, making it a must-visit for those interested in the area’s heritage.

Adventure and Leisure

Hampton Beach offers a thrilling blend of adventure and leisure activities that are perfect for visitors seeking both relaxation and excitement. For those looking to experience the ocean from above, Hampton Beach Parasailing offers an unforgettable aerial adventure. 

Suspended by a parachute, participants can soar over the Atlantic, enjoying breathtaking views and the exhilarating feel of flight. This activity provides a unique perspective of Hampton Beach’s beautiful coastline and is a must-try for thrill-seekers.

For a more laid-back experience, Captain’s Cove Adventure Golf offers a fun and engaging miniature golf experience in a beautifully landscaped, nautical-themed setting. This adventure is complemented by the scenic beauty of Hampton Beach and is perfect for families or groups looking to enjoy some leisure time. 

Additionally, Sunrise Adventure Charters & Lobster Tours provide an opportunity to explore the local waters through fishing charters and lobster tours, making it an ideal choice for those interested in marine life and fishing. Whether you’re looking to get your heart racing or just relax, Hampton Beach has something to suit every pace and interest.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Hampton Beach, NH, offers a diverse array of local cuisine that reflects its seaside location and multicultural community. For those seeking fresh seafood, the area is renowned for its oceanfront dining experiences. Restaurants like The Old Salt & Lamie’s Inn combine fresh local seafood with family recipes in a casual, welcoming atmosphere, making it a staple for both locals and visitors alike. 

This historic restaurant, originally an oceanfront establishment, has been serving the community from its current location on Lafayette Road for many years and is especially noted for its seafood and traditional New England fare.

For a more unique dining experience, Wok the Wok offers family-style Chinese cuisine, boasting dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Located on Ocean Boulevard, it’s an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a meal after a day at the beach or for anyone craving Asian flavors. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a fine dining experience, Hampton Beach caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, with an emphasis on seafood given its coastal location.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Hampton Beach, NH is vibrant with nightlife and entertainment options that cater to a variety of interests. Bernie’s Beach Bar, recognized as Hampton Beach’s top outdoor music venue, frequently hosts live music and events, offering the largest outdoor deck in New Hampshire for visitors to enjoy. This spot is known for its dynamic atmosphere where visitors can experience everything from local bands to major artists in a lively setting.

Additionally, the Sea Shell Stage on Hampton Beach provides free nightly entertainment during the summer months, including concerts spanning various musical genres and styles. This venue is a favorite for both locals and tourists, offering shows every evening that are suitable for all ages. 

For those looking for a more varied nightly entertainment lineup, Wally’s, another popular venue, hosts a range of performances from tribute bands to original music acts, enhancing Hampton Beach’s reputation as a prime destination for music and nightlife.

Art and Culture

Hampton Beach, NH is a significant hub for art and culture, particularly celebrated for its impressive sand sculpting events. The Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Classic is one of the most notable events, drawing artists from around the globe to create stunning sculptures from hundreds of tons of sand. 

This annual competition, illuminated for night viewing, captivates spectators with its intricate and ephemeral artworks, offering a unique blend of artistic expression and community engagement.

Beyond the sandy shores, the area’s commitment to art extends to various other media and events. Local artists like Gregory Grady and others participate in shaping the cultural landscape of Hampton Beach through their diverse works in sand, ice, snow, and more. These events not only showcase individual talent but also foster a sense of community and artistic appreciation among residents and visitors alike, making Hampton Beach a vibrant center for cultural activities.

Special Events

Hampton Beach, NH, is a lively hub for a variety of special events throughout the year that cater to diverse interests and age groups. One of the major highlights is the annual Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Classic, typically held in June. 

This event features artists from around the globe who craft intricate sculptures from hundreds of tons of sand, transforming the beach into a temporary outdoor gallery. The festivities include night viewings of the sculptures, a competitive element with substantial prize money, and culminate with a special awards ceremony and fireworks display.

Another significant event is the Penguin Plunge in February, which supports the Special Olympics of New Hampshire. Participants, including individuals and teams from businesses and schools, brave the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to raise funds. 

This event not only serves as a major fundraiser but also provides a thrilling experience for both participants and spectators, with a festive atmosphere enhanced by themed activities. These events showcase the community spirit and the vibrant cultural scene of Hampton Beach, making it a dynamic destination throughout the year.

Relaxation and Unique Experiences

Hampton Beach, NH, offers a variety of relaxation and unique experiences for visitors looking to unwind and enjoy some tranquility. The area is well-known for its beautiful, well-maintained beachfront properties that cater to different styles and preferences, providing amenities like pools, free parking, and air conditioning for a comfortable stay. 

Many of these rentals are also pet-friendly, ensuring that every member of the family can join in on the vacation. The options range from quaint cottages to luxury condos, many of which boast ocean views and easy access to the beach.

For those seeking more active relaxation, Hampton Beach offers scooter rentals to explore the scenic coastline and nearby attractions. This allows visitors to experience the local culture and beauty at their own pace, making stops along the bustling Ocean Boulevard, which is lined with restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. 

Moreover, for a truly serene escape, the area offers spa and wellness options such as yoga retreats and luxury spa resorts in nearby locations, providing a perfect blend of relaxation activities and natural beauty. These opportunities ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all who visit Hampton Beach.

Outdoor Exploration

Hampton Beach, NH, offers an abundance of outdoor exploration opportunities that cater to both the adventurous and those seeking a more relaxed beach experience. Hampton Beach State Park is a key destination for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring a wide range of activities from swimming and fishing to picnicking and RV camping. 

The park stretches across a significant portion of the beachfront, providing ample space for various recreational activities. It’s particularly noted for its clean, sandy beaches and the availability of facilities such as full hook-ups for RVs, making it an ideal spot for a family outing or an extended stay.

For those interested in more structured outdoor activities, the area around Hampton Beach provides options like scooter rentals, which offer a fun way to explore the scenic coastline and discover local attractions. Additionally, the region is known for its birdwatching opportunities and nature trails, which can be found at nearby Odiorne Point State Park. 

This park offers a quieter alternative to the bustling beach scene, with trails that meander through diverse habitats and past historic sites, ideal for those looking to combine physical activity with historical exploration. Whether you’re looking to engage in active sports or simply enjoy the natural beauty of New Hampshire’s coastline, Hampton Beach has plenty to offer.


In conclusion, Hampton Beach, NH, offers an enchanting mix of natural beauty, vibrant community events, and a plethora of recreational activities that make it an irresistible destination. From the scenic coastline and well-maintained beaches to the lively boardwalk filled with shops and eateries, there’s something for everyone. 

The seasonal festivals and concerts add a unique charm that draws visitors from near and far. It’s no wonder that after experiencing all that Hampton Beach has to offer, many visitors feel compelled to make this delightful community their permanent home. 

This is evident from the number of people who, inspired by their visits, choose to hire trusted movers in Hampton, NH to relocate to this charming seaside town. Whether it’s for the serene environment, the friendly locals, or the promise of a leisurely lifestyle, Hampton Beach continues to be a top choice for those looking to start a new chapter by the sea.