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10 Things to do in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, nestled on the southeastern coast of Virginia, is a prime destination for travelers seeking a blend of oceanfront leisure and cultural vibrancy. Renowned for its stunning stretches of sandy beaches, Virginia Beach is more than just a seaside escape; it is a place brimming with activities and adventures. When searching for things to do in Virginia Beach, you’ll discover a plethora of options that cater to all tastes—from the sun worshippers and history enthusiasts to nature lovers and culinary aficionados.

As you plan your visit, the array of things to do in Virginia Beach will impress and inspire. The city’s famous boardwalk, which lines the oceanfront, offers scenic views and a bustling atmosphere that captures the essence of a beach vacation. 

Beyond the beach, the city is rich in history and natural beauty, with landmarks like the Cape Henry Lighthouse and natural preserves such as First Landing State Park offering insights into America’s past and the stunning landscapes that characterize this region.

1. Unwind on the Seashores of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is not just any beach destination, it’s a place where you can completely relax and let go of all your worries. The beach itself stretches for miles, providing a wide sandy playground perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles or reading a good book. The boardwalk is well kept and offers a smooth surface for those who prefer to walk or bike, with benches strategically placed when you feel like sitting down and taking in the scenic views of the ocean. 

Each part of the beach has its own feel, from the bustling energy around the pier to quieter more peaceful stretches towards the north end. But wherever you set up camp, you can’t escape the rhythmic crash of waves coming in from across the Atlantic Ocean – a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy this moment.

2. Visit Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center provides insight into oceanic mysteries. This aquarium doesn’t just teach; it mesmerizes visitors with lively marine life from nearby waters as well as those found only in more exotic locales around Earth’s seas. Exhibits range from playful harbor seals to deep-sea dwellers like sand tiger sharks. 

Touch tanks allow guests an up-close experience with sea stars and horseshoe crabs—always a hit among children. For total immersion, head over to their giant screen theater that shows underwater documentaries highlighting both the beauty and fragility of aquatic ecosystems worldwide.

3. Discover Cape Henry Lighthouse

Since 1792, Cape Henry Lighthouse has been standing sentinel over our shores here in Coastal Virginia.This historical landmark not only represents age but maritime navigation and safety history as well; climbers can ascend its spiral staircase for panoramic views out across Virginia Beach’s shoreline.

Cape Henry also sits near Fort Story which adds military interest to visits by those who may have served or are interested in the armed forces, and American history buffs will enjoy hearing tales about conflict here through time due to strategic importance of Chesapeake Bay during various periods.

4. Take a Hike on the Wild Side in First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park is where nature meets history – it’s like a museum without walls where green space thrives just steps from urban life. The varied trails wind through tidal marshes and dense forests, each turn revealing another natural wonder waiting to be explored.

Birdwatchers will especially appreciate this park with rare migratory bird species often spotted alongside more common coastal ones.The name of this park commemorates the English settlers’ first landing in 1607, so there’s also an added historical perspective along with all that scenic beauty.

5. Catch the Vibe at the Oceanfront

Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront district is the heart and soul of our city’s social scene – by day families and tourists flock here for sun, sand, surf and local attractions; but once evening falls it becomes alive with restaurants bars lining its boardwalk. 

Local seafood is a highlight: everything from upscale dining establishments to casual beachfront shacks serve up freshly caught fish.The nightlife caters for all tastes, from live bands at beach bars to quieter spots where you can sip your drink while feeling the ocean breeze wrap around you in more intimate company.

6. Go to the Museum of Military Aviation

For anyone interested in military history or planes, the Military Aviation Museum is a gold mine. It has a large collection of aircrafts from WWI and WWII, all restored to their original state – some even still flying. In addition to showing off these beautiful machines, they also give an idea of what it was like being a pilot with artifacts and personal stories. Historic air shows make it possible to watch old-fashioned planes take off into the sky and perform amazing tricks.

7. Try Adventure Sports at Mount Trashmore Park

Mount Trashmore is proof that one man’s trash really can be another’s treasure; once a landfill, this spot now serves as one of Virginia Beach’s most popular parks. Whether you’re skateboarding down its ramps or jogging around its lakeside paths, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activity here. Families can spend time together picnicking near playgrounds or flying kites on top of hillsides—it truly is loved by all generations!

8. Take Part in the Neptune Festival

The Neptune Festival is Virginia Beach’s signature event – celebrating everything coastal about our community! This festival stretches along the oceanfront and offers something for people of all ages and interests: world class sand sculptures; local arts & crafts displays; colorful parades full with floats & performers; concerts under starry skies… it’s not just another party but rather an expression of who we are as a city by the sea.

9. Paddle through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Back Bay NWR takes visitors back into nature where waterways lead them on adventures into serenity Kayak/canoeing trips reveal up-close views of diverse ecosystems with every stroke along this paddle trail lined by marshes & woods where migratory birds otters fish eagles may be seen occasionally Hidden among other stops along Atlantic flyway providing rest area for many species during migration Guided tours offer more comprehensive understanding about natural history of the area.

10. Tour Virginia Beach’s Historic Homes

Touring historic homes in Virginia Beach can provide insight into what life was like at different points throughout our past The Adam Thoroughgood House reveals much about early days in the colony through architecture & artifacts from those times lived there while Francis Land House gives us glimpse into 18th century plantations with its preserved structure furnished accordingly to period Both offer guided visits that help tell these stories better by putting them larger context local evolution.


Virginia Beach is a city of endless opportunities, where history, nature, and modern amenities blend seamlessly. Whether it’s exploring the deep blue sea or enjoying a festival on the sand, the city offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all interests. Remember, the best way to experience Virginia Beach is to immerse yourself in its local culture and natural beauty, making your visit truly memorable. 

The vibrant community and the myriad of things to do in Virginia Beach make it not only a top vacation destination but also a wonderful place to live. This growing popularity has led to a high demand for movers in Virginia Beach, as more people look to make this dynamic city their home.

The city’s allure goes beyond its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. From the quiet, sprawling parks that offer a respite from the bustling city life to the cultural festivals that bring together locals and tourists alike, Virginia Beach is a place where every day can be a new adventure. 

It’s this vibrant mix of lifestyle options that draws people from all walks of life, making it a melting pot of cultures and experiences. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or planning a longer stay, Virginia Beach promises a rich, fulfilling experience that might just capture your heart, compelling you to return year after year.